Weighted pull-ups 5×4 75% of 1RM

Followed by:

As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

10 Kettlebell snatches right arm 24kg (16kg) 

10 kettlebell snatches left arm 24kg (16kg)

10 Knees to elbows

Post time to comments.


Foundations Deadlift burpees WOD: Adam, Amy, Caylon, Jake, Jamie and Heather. (Marsha is hiding).

Zone tips from Dr. Sears

We all love to dine out. Here are some simple steps to make staying In The Zone easier when you’re at a restaurant.

  1. Never eat the rolls. If you’re going to eat carbohydrates, save it for dessert.
  2. Always choose a low-fat protein entrée and ask to replace any starches or grains with extra vegetables.
  3. While waiting for dinner, have a glass of water.
  4. If the low-fat protein you order is significantly greater than the size of your palm, take the excess home.
  5. Determine whether the carbohydrates on your plate are favorable or unfavorable. If you’re eating favorable carbohydrates, have double the volume of carbohydrates compared to the protein portion.
  6. If dining out is not complete without dessert, then don’t eat any carbohydrates during the meal. Order whatever you want for dessert, but eat only half.

Thanks www.zonediet.com for these tips.


  1. Danimal :

    Welcome new peeps!

  2. Danimal :

    I still have a ticket to the games Saturday and Sunday if anybody is interested. It’ll be super fun and unforgettable for sure.

  3. Jeff McDowell :

    Did combat fitness today during our martial arts program. It wasn’t timed cause it was a team race.
    Started with 2 Marines on each end, 50 yds apart, in the puch up position. One would flip a tire down while the others stayed up. Once every one was done, it was a mile run in boots and utes (cammie bottoms 5 lbs extra. Once your team finished together, it was 40 burpees and 100 squats. Took about 30 minutes for our team to complete and we came in second.
    And how do I get one of those new BAD A$$ shirts?!?!?!

  4. JenB :

    mountain biking tomorrow (Wed)…. meet at the Lair o’ Bear parking lot 6pm – see you there!

  5. Is Lair O’ Bear a singlespeed friendly ride? I.e. if it’s anything like White Ranch – no bueno.

  6. JenB :

    Hey Matt,
    yes, it’s very SS friendly. some extended climbs (1.5 -2 mi), but nothing too steep and most of it’s rolling through the trees, you will love it! think opposite of white ranch

  7. Cherie :

    Matt – you old man. You’ve ridin Lair of the Bear. Jen I’m still in, where are we meeting?

  8. JenB :

    I work on the west side of town so will be easiest to just meet at the trailhead, will be the one dressed in head-to-toe neon green spandex. see you there!

  9. Matt :

    5k row: 18:21.3d6 (PR)
    Opposite of White Ranch?!? I’m in (if I’m not teachin’).

  10. Bummer… wish I could go! Have school… pfft.
    And welcome new peeps!

  11. Who rides a single speed? What is THAT about? Do I have to get all elitist on the single speed crowd now? I s’pose if being an elitist means I have a bike that can adjust to the conditions… hehe.

  12. Dan :

    To vent:
    I just had someone tell me they’d rather join a globogym with “state-of-the-art equipment” rather than join a Crossfit gym with “out of date” equipment. There was a bright white flash of light and I blacked out for a second…

  13. That reminds me of a t-shirt I’ve seen around:
    “god created machines to keep all the wankers off the barbells”

  14. hehe I love the word ‘wanker.’ I also fancy the word ‘bollocks.’
    As in “Oh bollocks, look at that wanker on that state-of-the-art equipment!”

  15. Derek :

    loved today’s WOD, well my hands didn’t they are pretty tore up! But I thought today was super fun. I really liked the stuff we did on the rings as a warm up as well.

  16. Matt :
  17. Joylyn :

    Welcome again newbies! What a strong looking group you all are!
    Zac, I want to echo Derek’s comment about the ring work today–THANK YOU so much! It was so fun, I stuck around to do it a second time! It was great since I missed the skills time on Sunday.
    Someone who thinks Crossfit equipment is “out of date,” WTF? They must be really boring then, because there is so much to play with. Did anyone else see Mas stilt walking with kettlebells last night? And all the ring work? I rest my case.
    Are you all getting excited for the Dr. Cordain talk next week? I so wish I could go, but take good notes to share!

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