Snatch 75% 1RM, 5 x 4 reps

Followed by three rounds, each for time:

500m Row

450m Run

Rest 5 minutes

Post individual times to comments.


Leet and Jen Wiman get inverted during Sunday's rad skills WOD.

Let me tell you a little story.  A couple of years ago I participated in a competition that involved three events.  The first event was for maximum reps of strict pull-ups.  Next was three attempts for a 1RM deadlift.  Finally, a five minute kettlebell snatch set for max reps.  The first event went great, new PR for strict pull-ups.  I had anticipated a great deadlift, as I PR'd the week prior at 465#, so I felt fairly certain that 470# was a realistic goal.  With that in mind, I knew big increments would not be the best idea, so I entered 455# for my first lift.  I warmed up to the tune of 425#, which felt light and moved quickly.

The time came to perform my first lift, 455#.  I set-up, marching through my normal routine of chalking, checking the symmetry of my reversed hands and grabbing the hook tightly.  I took a deep breath, stabilized the spine, and pulled hard…  The bar never made it past my knees.  The next attempt had the same result – no good, I was in trouble.  Once you start a lift you can't decrease the weight, you can only move up.  For my last attempt, I was burning inside with embarrassment, I knew I couldn't lift this weight today – and I didn't.

I stormed off, angry at myself, at the barbell, and anyone who got in my way.  I was officially acting like a cry-baby.  My coach (Cherie) told me I only had one option at this point, which I thought was to quit.  She told me I had to suck it up and deal with it, as there was nothing I could do about it now.  She told me that by finishing the competition despite my poor performance in the deadlift would take courage and would be a great way to feel better about my shortcomings.  I did just that – I set a PR for the 5 minute snatch set and went home a happy man.  Looking back, this day of my life sticks out as one that I wish I could do over.  Not because I'd like to have another shot at those deadlifts, but because I let three deadlifts turn me into a poor sport.  I promised myself that day that I would be happy with every effort, no matter how disappointing they may be at first.

Are you officially entered into the Zone/Real Food Challenge?

If you haven't had your measurements taken, taken a before photo, completed both "Fran" and the "CrossFit Total", and paid your $10 entry fee, you are not entered yet.  All requirements must be met by Friday this week in order to be entered into the contest. 

Here's a couple of resources we find handy:
Download cfjissue21_May04.pdf (570.4K) Courtesy of CrossFit
Download shopping-food.doc (36.0K) Courtesy of Robb Wolf
Download Nutrition-food-log[1].doc (120.0K) Also from Robb
Download Zone Block Calculator.xls (125.5K) Courtesy of "Angry G"


  1. Monique Orthober :

    Great links.

  2. Gerson :

    Thanks for the link to journal 21 (all of it really). I couldn’t find that bugger for some reason. Operator error, no doubt.
    What if you had perm links to these tools on your site? (hint hint…) I think they’re definitely something that would be referenced often if available. 🙂 Just a thought!

  3. James :

    Interesting story, Matt. I should point out, though, that many people use failure as motivation to feed future success. Would you have PR’ed your snatch workout if you hadn’t failed your deadlifts? Most extraordinarily competitive people (Jordan, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, to name a few) are extremely poor sports, but they’re driven to succeed by their hatred (fear?) of failure.
    That having been said, people like that are a royal pain in the ass..

  4. Oh well then good… I’m right on track! Many years of failure to drive me to mega success! WOOHOO!!!

  5. Holly :

    Uh oh….the two things that I dread the most today- running and rowing…..
    Let’s face that fear of failure and make success happen!!!

  6. donna :

    I am getting sick to my stomach when I think about doing Fran tonight. I watched this video the other day and am totally intimidated.
    If fear of failure is a true motivator, I should do great ’cause I am freaking out.
    On a happier not, try baking a peach for a great 1 block of carb dessert. Cut peach in half and bake for 15 minutes at 400. If you are dining with someone not doing zone, they can add a scoop of ice cream or you can drizzle a little bit of honey on their peach before baking. You should tell that person that if they love’d you, they wouldn’t add the ice cream. 🙂 We did this last night (sans ice cream) and it was great.

  7. Sherry :

    Congratulations to our team at the competition over the week-end!!! And… that was My Son!! who kicked ass!

  8. Derek :

    today’s workout felt great after a day of heavy lifting, but it was very tough, I hate running and hate running for time even more, Zac had to time me with a calender not a stop watch but I feel great now. Awesome job noon class

  9. OMG. The pain. Today’s workout was hard for me. Build me up yesterday just to tear me down today.
    Finished though! Phew.

  10. pat :

    Great story man. I remember that day pretty clear as well. I think I remember asking you what deadlift you were going for and I was surprised you didn’t get it. I didn’t think less of you at all…I know exactly how that goes. A couple weeks before the games I attempted the King Kong workout at our place. For some crazy reason, I couldn’t pull the 440 deadlift. I had to scale it down and got pretty ticked off that I couldn’t do it.

  11. Matt :

    Thanks Pat… its humbling to NOT be able to do something that you know you are capable of. But, you learn from the experience, work your weaknesses, and come back stronger next time. My sister once told me, as long as you smile, you’ll invite good fortune (or something to that effect).
    CF Total: 400/190/485 = 1075
    Oh, and I’m proud of all the 7:30pm “Fran” participants. Great energy in the gym last night.

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