Back squat 1 – 1 – 1 reps for max load

Followed by;

Three rounds for time:

400m Run 

12 Deadlifts, 225# (155#)

21 Sit-ups 

Post time to comments.


Gerson, Cherie, Tiffany and Alan running to finish first in their heat (9th overall for the run) during the affiliate cup run relay.


  1. Chris :


  2. Tiff :

    looks like fun tomorrow!

  3. Gerson M :

    Finished on a HIGH note! Back at it today n Iā€™m looking forward to it!

  4. Luke :

    Good to have you fools back. Here’s a video for some inspiration; hope it works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfJlABlJ-es

  5. Tiff :

    awwwww…..so cute and yet so bad ass…. check out those kid’s quick elbows!

  6. Amy Schaeffer :

    Wish I could have been there……….maybe next year

  7. Tim M :

    Hey everyone,
    Had a great time this weekend, never knew throwing the frisbees on the beach and handstands on a trash can was so much fun.
    Matt, amazing job, the spike work out has to be my favorite of the weekend.
    CFV Team great job rocking, it was great being part of the team.
    Looking forward to next year.
    See everyone at the box.

  8. Lisa Ward :

    The swim workout is this Sunday not Saturday. Don’t know if this makes a difference for you or not but, I think you and Ed thought it was Saturday when we talked about this AM.

  9. Danimal :

    Super fun WOD today!

  10. Catherine :

    Hey freaks! Just wanted to say “HI” from Charlottesville, VA. Way to kick ass at the affiliate cup! šŸ™‚
    I’m hoping to get time to get in a travel WOD and see how that goes. The Zone is hard to keep going while traveling. Any suggestions? I brought fruit with me but that was a fail with the tight spaces-protein was a fail too b/c I had no way to keep it cold. The fruit got beat pretty beat up-was too messy.
    Any suggestions would be more than valuable. I’m here until Thursday.
    See ya friday!

  11. Danimal :

    Welcome Catherine

  12. Donna :

    I just got back (literally 15 minutes ago) from the mayonaise capital of the world – Louisiana. The Zone is challenging to stick with there, but as long as I travel with jerky and almonds for snack I seem to do ok. You can pick up fruit once you get to your destination for your snack carb. For meals, I stick with a big salad with chicken and a vinaigrette. Good luck!

  13. James :

    Catherine: Go to the White Spot. Order a Gusburger. Don’t eat the bun.
    I think the Gusburger is 8 blocks.
    Man, I miss Charlottesville.

  14. Tiff :

    agreed, jerky and nuts are nice and portable, and there’s a few veggies that travel well too: carrots, celery, pea pods. mmmmmm….

  15. Tiff :

    speaking of portable, cherie: i’m bringing you a present tomorrow. =)

  16. Catherine :

    Thanks for the tips! Thanks Danimal! Now to find some jerky. I’m a bit of a jerky virgin and will have to get over the dried flesh thing.
    James, we went to Topeka’s, I had a grilled chicken salad, minus the candied pecans, minus the fried onions(wtf), minus something else and add a whole chopped tomato. Everyone else had steak and a tater. *sigh*
    I’ll mention The White Spot (wtf? with the name lol).
    Good call on the carrots/celery. Kind of a big duh on my part.
    I bought some string cheese, lunch ham, strawberries and apples (brought my almonds with) and I’m keeping what I can on ice. good thing they get consumed quickly. I’m reminding myself this is all very worth the effort. šŸ™‚
    Take care my friends…

  17. Catherine :

    One more thing: you must check out this picture from the CrossFit Charlottesville site via CrossFit Minn St. Paul–a baby doing a deadlift heh! (http://crossfitcharlottesville.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/deadlift.jpg?w=499&h=314)

  18. catherine..eat at the Continental Divide…one of my favorite restaurants EVER..and u must go to Arch’s (its frozen yogurt, but only has 10 calories..and its AMAZING!!, they also have super healthy yummy salads, i lived off that place for 4 yrs) i miss c’ville too!!! cherie and matt, i am in withdrawl from the chan’s..can’t wait to see yall..wish i could have gone, was stalking yall the whole time online.. ..AWESOME job out there everyone!!!

  19. Tiff :

    one last tip for the portable protiens….if you like fish, the tuna and salmon that come in the rip open bags are awesome!!! no refridgerator needed and all you need are some hands and a fork. yum.

  20. Tiff :

    oops…proteins. f-in “e” and “i” mess me up. which comes first? you never know….

  21. Chris :

    “I” before “E” except after C……

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