"Filthy Fran"

45 Thrusters, 95# (65#)
45 Pull-ups

There are no partitions in this WOD.  All thrusters and pull-ups are to be done consecutively.


This unfortunate CrossFitter could have survived this WOD if she had a mentor.

Many people would like to know more about the mentorship program.  We started the mentorship program because we'd like new athletes to feel right at home in the gym.  A mentor will help you by providing information that is essential to your growth as a CrossFitter.  They can help decode information, enhance your CrossFit vocabulary, and offer suggestions on how to survive a WOD.  For instance:

AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
12 Box jumps, (24/20)
12 K2E
12 OHS (75/55)

Not only would decoding this WOD be difficult to the untrained eye, but its a workout that can be done with some strategy.  What would you do – go all out for 12 minutes, or would you maintain a nice even pace?  Your mentor can help answer there questions.  

If you are new to CrossFit Verve and would like a mentor, please let us know and we'll pair you with someone that we feel you'll work well with.  If nutrition is your biggest obstacle, please let us know that as well, as we'll be sure to assign you a mentor that's Paleo/Zone savvy.  You wouldn't believe how much this can help you stay on the path to success.   


Our mentors go through rigorous training that includes miles of waiter carry lunges. 


  1. leslie :

    To all you Paleo/Berry Lovers- FYI- Raspberries are $1 per container at Sunflower Market and they are delicious. Blueberries are a little more, but still well priced.

  2. stef :

    hey, I know that person at the top… That’s after The Chief’s ass got worked!!! Holler. Cussing is ok on here, right? (hmm) Ha.

  3. Cherie :

    Leslie – Thanks I’m gonna runa nd get them. I love Raspberries

  4. Chris :

    Almond crunchy butter is 4.99 from 9.99 also, still pricey but good quality

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