Monday 110516

"The Bear"

Complete five rounds of seven sets of the following complex for max load:

Power clean
Front squat
Push press
Back squat
Push press

Once the complex is started, all seven sets must be completed before resting the bar on the ground.  The power cleans are 'touch and go', meaning any additional time spent on the ground terminates the round.  Three minutes rest is permitted between attempts.

Post loads to comments.

Jim and Eric, beatin' the streets.

Webster’s dictionary defines unbroken as: “not violated…whole, intact…not subdued: untamed."  But what does it really mean to you? 

To me, unbroken means several things. To be able to push through anything that life should put in front of you.  To have determination, grit, tenacity, to be unrelentless in your pursuit of a goal.  We talk about being unbroken and relate it to a set number in a workout.  But is it more than that?  Is it a state of mind that you need to find within your self?  Is it the mental fortitude to keep going forward when all you want to do is stop?  To overcome any fear that you may encounter and tell yourself that, “This will not stop you. This will not be the end. This is only the beginning and nothing will stop me.”  Only self doubt will keep you from being unbroken. Be strong in mind as well as in body.  

Sir Charles Barkley, five days in at CrossFit North Atlanta.


  1. AnnieCam :

    Any ladies interested in playing soccer at Dick’s Field Monday’s starting June 13th? It’s a co-ed league, I just need a few more ladies I can count on consistently showing up. Let me know if you can.

  2. AnnieCam :

    Dear Crossfit Homies,
    I wanted to thank all of you for being such wonderful coaches. Even when I’m distracting and chatty you get me back on track and focused. Sunday I ran a marathon (ran slow- but ran the whole damn thing- 5:14) and my training had consisted of one five mile run and Crossfit. A pep talk from Bess and at the last Hot Dogs Class on Friday was what actually made me think, “perhaps I can actually do this?”.
    Bess gave me the, “You Crossfit…you are trained” pep talk. The Hot Dogs class was post a WOD that had already had a lot of box jumps. I was tired and we had to do 3 rounds of 30 unbroken box jumps and kettle bell swings. I said I couldn’t do it and tried to negotiate with Mas for perhaps 15. Mas put his foot down and reminded me the purpose of Hotdogs and CC. I tripped on my second round at 24 and he made me start over. Focused and determined to finish I hammered through what I didn’t think my body was capable of doing. The posting today means a lot as the “unbroken” talk Mas gave me was literally what was going through my head while running. “You can do it, prove it to yourself, set a bench mark….do it unbroken.” I listened to my body and realized it was pain not injury and kept on running. To my delight I finished.
    You not only help build strong bodies, but strong minds as well.
    Thank you Team Verve!

  3. matt :

    Congrats Annie – that’s awesome!

  4. YA Annie – I’m so proud

  5. greg b :

    Another example of greatness in the people of Verve.

  6. Congrats Annie! Gutting it out proves you’ve got heart. Sometimes it takes getting “a talking to” from someone to remind us that we’ve got IT within and just need to dig a little deeper. I’ve gotten this talk numerous times.
    There are many, many situations I’ve encountered outside the gym (physical/mental) where I’ve literally thought “Hey, I’ve done X and was OK after, I can totally do this. It’s not scary and I’ll be better for it.”
    You should be really fucking proud of yourself for it! Congrats!

  7. Mas :

    Congrats Annie!!! Finishing a marathon is a huge accomplishment. Very proud of you!

  8. Erin :

    Annie, you are incredible, truly an incredible person. I am so proud of you, you should be screaming from the rooftops about this! I’ll tip my 40oz, do burpess in your honor, and think of you when I feel a little whiny today about the WOD.

  9. Tobias Coffin :

    Annie your awesome! Write that one up on the PR board! REAL BIG

  10. David S :


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