For time:
Run 2 blocks, 735m
21 Burpee clean and jerks, 95# (65#)
Run big ally loop, 575m
15 Burpee clean and jerks, 95# (65#)
Run 1 block, 450m
9 Burpee clean and jerks, 95# (65#)
Run lil ally loop, 300m

To complete a burpee clean and jerk, take a shoulder width grip on the bar, go down into a push up, chest hitting the barbell, jump to a squat setting up for the clean, power clean and jerk overhead…. that equals 1 folks!

Post time to comments.

Zac demonstrating the burpee clean and jerk.
First person to properly name what is predominately wrong with this clean and what is causing the problem, gets a free paleo kit (trainers not included, so don't give it away).
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  1. Tiff :

    i think leg/hip position is what is costing efficiency…. knees are over the toes and hips/butt are way forward. looks like weight may be more in the toes than in the heels
    to correct: hips/butt back like sitting in chair, weight in heels, maintain lumbar curve, make sure knees don’t go out over the toes.
    my best guess =-)

  2. Elizabeth Huff :

    Where do I start… Feet together. Hips forward. Shoulders too far back. No shrug. That looks like an AWESOME reverse curl from my perspective.
    Whatever. She finished. And she’s a rock star

  3. leslie :

    not sure what is wrong with the picture b/c i am too busy wondering how you managed to look so hot in those red knee socks?

  4. Tiff :

    ….cont. from above, as you squat to receive the bar.
    thinking that quick elbows might be the key here too…getting under the bar with elbows up will help keep weight in heels, so you’re not compensating to balance weight with the rest of the lower body.

  5. Tiff :

    and ouchie back angles. we do some weird stuff when we’re trying to throw weight around while hypoxic.
    i completely forgot to clean the bar during WOD #4…just did a dead lift and hesitated, trying to remember what i missed. heh…
    ok, i’m going to stop staring at the photo and go to bed. =-) night verve

  6. Tiff :

    oops WOD #3

  7. Elizabeth Huff :

    I like the lumbar curve note. Maybe that’s it…

  8. Erin :

    muted hips?

  9. Cherie :

    Many great answers, however I am looking for the “name” of the problem and “what” is causing it.
    Erin – great memory and bingo on the name. It is muted hip. Can you finish the answer?
    Leslie – thanks 🙂

  10. Mark Atkinson :

    Muted Hip Function…..basically the result of the legs compensating when the hip is failing, so using leg extension to compensate for weaker hip extension.

  11. donna :

    Farm shares with Grant Family Farms are available until June 1. Shares vary in size and price – check out the site at
    We had a small share last year and each week we had a box of more than enough vegetables and herbs for the week (for 2 people).
    Shares are for 26 weeks and they deliver to the Berekely area if you live in the hood.
    It’s a great deal AND a green thing to do – buy locally! (The farm is located north on I-25 – they have a big party in the fall when everyone goes to check out the farm and pick pumpkins.)

  12. Amy Schaeffer :

    ok the bar is not resting on the shoulders and should already be since in a jerk you are getting under the weight- so if already stuck the landing, the bar should be on the shoulder or it is harder to get up, weight not fully in the heels, bad back??

  13. Cherie :

    So – Erin wins the paleo kit with Muted Hip being the correct response, which is a catch all phrase for all the little things wrong with this clean.
    I am however still looking to see why this would happen to an athlete that knows how to clean correctly? I’m looking for one word and I’ll throw in another paleo kit to the one that gets it. Just one word folks, which will lead into tomorrow post.

  14. donna :


  15. Cherie :

    This also happened on the first clean after only completing 10 pull-ups. Great guess, but not fatigue.
    Donna, thank you so much for the post I will post the link to our fuel page. Do you get a variety of veggies? Do you get to choose or is it what ever is ripe at the moment? Do they have recipes for those stranger ones people like me don’t know how to cook?

  16. JaRed :

    Muted hip– Posted by J Grimm

  17. donna :

    Yes, you get a variety of vegetables. I’ve listed a few below. It all depends on what’s ripe at the moment, you don’t get to choose. And yes, they do send recipes via email on a weekly basis, so you can figure out what to do with kambocha squash, dill, or whatever else you are not used to cooking with. They had some great soup recipes last year.
    Also, if you decide to sign up tell them that Donna Pryor sent you. I might get some free lettuce or something.
    From the Grant Farm Website:
    What will I get each week?
    A variety of veggies from these categories will be included each week as they mature with the season.
    Greens ie: spinach, lettuce, kale
    Root Crops ie: beets, carrots, onions, potatoes
    Herbs ie: basil, parsley, dill
    Classic Vegetables ie: broccoli, eggplant, tomatoes, green beans, peppers

  18. Catherine :

    B/c you were momentarily yella!
    Btw, I could barely drive my car home after this workout. Kicked my aaaaaassss…
    Thanks for ALL the great support from Cherie and the peeps who worked out at Noon today! I really appreciate the encouragement!

  19. Matt :

    Two things:
    1) I didn’t post a picture of Cherie to criticize her heavy power clean form… she did. I’ve seen her cleans and they are beautiful, but not this day 😉
    2) You are all on top of the game, most of the answers were spot on. Cherie was looking for two answers – muted hip function and too heavy of a weight to power clean. Going too heavy and foregoing form will result in missed lifts and a sore body. Luckily, Cherie only cleaned this weight three times since she is a front squattin’ maniac.
    Sometimes going heavier than you are confortable with leads to PR’s… sometimes it leads to less confidence in the lift. My recommendation would be to drop weight, nail down technique with the lighter weight and slowly build back up. This approach will take the expectation of completing the lift by any means necessary and switch it over to the “work on form” mindset.
    Donna, thanks for the tip on the Grant Farms link – Cherie and I are going to give it a try.

  20. Tiff :

    thanks for the post, cherie….this was neato…(i got really excited as you can tell from my 80 posts)…AND i learned a lot, specially after chatting with you tonight!! always cool to see a trainer teaching with her own photo!!! =) you rock!!!
    also thanks for a great workout tonight…i def didn’t kill it, but it was exactly what i needed. =)

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