Wednesday 040614

10 Rounds for time:

3 Handstand pushups
6 Pistols (alternating legs)
12 Kettlebell swings, 53# (35#)
24 Double-unders

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Here is one of the groups for Murph on Memorial Day! Nice pic Kenny.

Here is one of the groups for Murph on Memorial Day! Nice pic Kenny.

Muscle-up clinic today, Wednesday 11:30am, come work on your ring and bar muscle-ups with Zink!
Also, you will see Shoulder Pre-hab and Mobility classes instead of Competition Crew at 7pm, come get supple and strong!
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Please take an extra moment and watch the following video – From Couch to Capable – courtesy of The CrossFit Journal 050514.  A great video about a fellow CrossFitter who has faced many obstacles with her health, but has overcome them and achieved goals she never thought possible.


– BODY FAT TESTING TRUCK WILL BE HERE TODAY!! If you need to schedule your follow-up for the nutrition challenge or just have a general curiosity as to where you are at, here is the link to schedule your appointment. Just put your name in the time slot that you want.  Please wear a swimsuit, bring a towel, and your form of payment.  Verve cannot charge your Mindbody account for this service.  If you want more details on what the Body Fat Testing is all about, visit their website.

COMPETITION CREW RESTRUCTURING – The Competition Class will be off the schedule for the next 2 weeks, but will reconvene with a kick-off meeting on JUNE 18TH AT 7PM to discuss the formatting/programming for the upcoming year.  If you have aspirations of competing or want to learn about the brains behind the programming, come to this meeting!!  

LEAN AND MEAN NUTRITION CHALLENGE HAS ENDED!! – Congratulations to all of those who participated.  Win, lose, or draw, if you made lifestyle changes towards a healthier/fitter existence, than you are a winner (cheesy, I know).  If you participated, please send your team coach the following items either via e-mail or hand them in:
               #1 – SCORE SHEET – Coaches will add up the scores and send the info along to Colby
               #2 – BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS

We would love to announce the winners by the beginning of next week, so the quicker you send us the info, the faster we will find out who won!!

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