Wednesday 091202

30 – 25 - 20 - 15 - 10 - and 5 rep rounds for time of:

Virtual shoveling, 45#/25#


With an Olympic bar holding only one 45# plate (25#), touch the plate on one side of the barrier, then the touch the other side of the barrier for one 'rep'.  The barrier is 24" tall.

Compare to March 16, 2009.

Post time and thoughts to comments.


Cherie using the good morning to strengthen the posterior chain.

A couple of quick notes:

First, the Chan's will be hosting a Festivus party this Saturday starting at 5pm.  Their address and directions to their house will be listed at the gym on the events board.  They'll be providing the meat, so you should bring your finest Paleo side dish.  Gluten-free beer and wine will be provided, but you're on your own for the hard stuff.  Save your cheats for Saturday and enjoy a night free of weighing and measuring.  Bring some cash too, as we'll be celebrating the holidays with a little Texas hold 'em.  Beginner?  No problem – it's all for fun.

Second, our Wednesday and Friday 7:30pm classes have been extremely popular.  These classes are going to be strictly CrossFit Games prep classes until the Sectionals roll around in March.  Expect some strength work, some power work, some speed work, and some skill work.  No details will be given prior to class, so show up and get prepared for the Games!  Class size is limited, so sign up early if you really want to be a part of the class.


  1. Darryl Pierce :

    Literally the first and only WOD I’ve been “excited” about since I’ve been going to Verve. : )

  2. Joylyn :

    Love this wod. Sad I’m working. Have fun!!!
    ps. I’ve yet to find a beet recipe I like.

  3. Amy Schaeffer :

    See your faces Saturday!!!

  4. Holly :

    Pretty sad I missed this WOD. I was super excited about it!

  5. derek :

    I really enjoyed today’s WOD. It was brutal but I moved through it a lot better than I thought I would. It was the type of WOD that has made me love Crossfit, unconventional but functional. My lower back was on fire..still is. Also enjoyed the pullup work we did after the noon class. Awesome stuff. BTW when do we get to use the sledgehammers?

  6. "Fat Kid" :

    My back too is feeling it. I thought to myself comming from Minnesota and then living in Gunnison for a number of years, what D Bag would ever want to come up with virtual shoveling! Then I realized it was probably some fit person from somewhere warm that had never seen real snow. It was a joy to be able to complete a WOD as rx’d I look forward to making this a habit. I am truly looking forward to the nutrition education on Sunday. Thanx all for a great work out.

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