Wednesday 091209

Front squat 4 x 3 reps @ 80% 1RM

Followed by ten rounds for time:

20 Jumping lunges

15 Push-ups

10 Toes to bar

Post time to comments.


Yeah I don't know, I pretty sure my lungs would not agree with that idea.

Front squat… back squat – what's the difference other than the placement of the bar on the shoulders?  Plenty!  First, we have to address the grip.  When unracking the bar from the squat stands, you must first have an open hand grip on the bar, ideally just outside shoulder width.  I say ideally because often times, an athletes flexibility will not allow the elbows to rotate into a high enough position so the shoulders can cradle the load securely.  If this is the case, find a width that allows your upper arm (your humerus) to rotate through to a position perpendicular to the body (forming a 90 degree angle).

More importantly, the front squat must be completed with a near vertical torso, whereas the back squat does not.  This is essential to keeping the bar racked on the shoulders without having to drive the bar in position with the arms.  When performing front squats with heavy loads for any volume at all, this upright position becomes critical and very difficult to maintain.  When finishing a particularly difficult set, you'll find your chest dropping and the racked position on the shoulders failing.  Counteract this by maintaining a positive pressure in the thoracic cavity and abdominal cavity and by driving the elbows up throughout the movement.  This will assist in keeping all your vertebrae stacked right on top of each other – right where we want them.


  1. Love the hoodies! Can’t wait to sport mine.

  2. Cherie :

    Rosa – we’ll be happy to ship on out. How have you been? We’ve missed you around Verve.
    Congreats to Robyn and Jen Beck for getting their first pull-up last night. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  3. Monique Orthober :

    Warrior Race: August 21 2010
    We have friends that are going this for their 5 year wedding anniversary. Gotta love Crossfitters.

  4. OMG Monique, that looks like so much fun!
    I want to do it! Who’s in? I have a friend who has a condo in Copper, not that I’m offering her place but I could check into it… Let’s do it!

  5. Ward :

    Mud,Sweat,Beer?! You bet. I’m in for the warrior dash.

  6. OH and HI ROSA! Miss ya 🙂 Hope all is well!

  7. Rosa :

    Hey guys! I miss you too! But as you can see, I’m always checking out the blog to see how everyone is doing. Cherie – let me know what the total cost would be and I will send you a check. Can’t wait!
    Word Catherine – I miss working out with you!

  8. Cherie :

    Matt and I are looking for a local dentist, any ideas for NW Denver?

  9. Donna :
    Not NW, but not too far either. We go to Dr. Steve Law or Dr. Dawn White.
    HI Miss Rosa!

  10. Jen Wiman :

    Hey gang,
    Looks like I am missing a cold week in Denver and am sad I missed the Chan festivus! The weather in the Caymans is a balmy 85 degrees and I am loving it. Going diving in the morning. If I could do a handstand I would definitely take a picture from the beach…better practice. I did bring the Buddy Lee however…See you soon.

  11. derek :

    Saw the warrior dash thing on Facebook, it looks pretty cool!

  12. Cherie,
    Green Mtn Dentistry rocks the house. Father and sons work there. I haaaaate the dentist and they make it much better. Can you say TVs in the ceiling and nitris? awww yeah!
    I use Steven J. Vanek. Great guy! My sister’s family and my friend’s family all go there as well.

  13. *nitrous

  14. Erin :

    Matt and Cherie–I go to Metropolitan Dental as well (Donna mentioned them above). I HIGHLY recommend them! I specifically see Dr. Dawn White–she absolutely ROCKS and has a great hygienist named Cara. I’ve known Dawn personally for years and she is a great dentist. The entire office rocks. There are at 14th and Welton. Hope that helps! EJ

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