250m Row for time

5 Sets of the bear sequence

250m row for time

4 Sets of the bear sequence

250m row for time

3 Sets of the bear sequence

250m row for time

2 Sets of the bear sequence

250m row for time

1 Set of the bear sequence

Once you have started the bear sequence, the barbell cannot rest on the ground – the sequence is "touch and go".  Increase the load on each round to end at max weight.

One bear sequence equals a power clean, front squat, push press, back squat and a push press.

Post time for rows and load for the bear to comments.

Zac and Heather 

Zac and Heather on a visit to Denver and the Verve in November.

If you haven't seen them around yet, meet Zac Pine and Heather Peterson, two of the three new trainers at CrossFit Verve.  Zac recently finished his EMT-B and will be testing at metro fire departments.  Heather has finished her prerequisites for nursing school and is hoping to get into an accelerated RN program.  We are very excited to welcome them aboard as they start their new journey here in Denver.  

Dear CrossFit Verve,

Being new to Denver, we are stoked to have the CrossFit Verve community nearby.  CrossFit has become a huge part of our life while in Santa Cruz, California.  For the last three and half years we have been teaching and training the Crossfit method while achieving our bachelors degrees in Exercise Physiology.  CrossFit is varied, functional, and intense movements based on mental and physical strength of each individual.  Everyone has their own abilities, strengths, injuries, and goals when it comes to fitness and health, and with Crossfit there is a place for everyone.  Whether it be work, school, kids, or life’s other stresses everything will simply will go away when you enter the doors at CrossFit Verve.  The pre-workout butterflies, the trainers, the camaraderie, competition and the post workout sweat will all help revitalize, refresh, and overcome more than just the physical obstacles in your life. We are excited to be here and happy to meet you, train you, and have a good time with you.  We have learned, studied, and taught power-lifting, olympic-lifting, gymnastics, endurance training, and programming to help create and maintain a fun, healthy, strong, and progressive lifestyle.  Age, experience, and conditioning does not matter as long as you want to learn and have the desire to drive yourself to the gym.   Overall….. “Crossfit is hard, life is hard… so train hard and enjoy it!!!

Heather and Zac


  1. Matt :

    So glad to have you guys in Denver… you’re a great addition to this city and CFV. I feel really fortunate to have you guys in the neighborhood.
    Everyone else, great job yesterday with the pull-ups/dips WOD. Steve and Emmalee – you guys are inspiring. Way to stick it out. Lots of improvements with both pull-ups and dips… smaller bands being used, no bands being used, chest to bar for the entire WOD… awesome.
    Embrace the bear.

  2. TIm M. :

    Welcome Zac and Heather look forward to meeting you guys.
    Just wanted to say to everyone haven’t been around the last two weeks. Been moving and had Finials.
    See you guys tomorrow.

  3. Matt :

    We were getting ready to hunt you down Tim… you and Joei. Joei… where are you?
    Great WOD today – everyone’s done awesome so far.

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