Ten rounds for time:

10 Dumbell thrusters, 40# (25#)

10 Burpees

Post time to comments.


Ben Freedman is not afraid of a little snow, or even a lot of snow.

How have our CrossFitters tested their new found elite level of fitness?  Have you experienced a larger work capacity on the ski slopes?  Do you have an easier time lifting a loaded stretcher into the back of an ambulance?  Sure, our community of CrossFitters look good, but what do they do to put their fitness to the test?  Post thoughts to comments.

Just a reminder this Saturday our WOD will be with CrossFit Parker Fire.  Here is the location CFPF Location. Anybody wanting to meet up, we will be meeting at the Aquarium(by REI) parking lot at 7:45am and car pooling.  If you want to meet at CFPF, the WOD starts at 8:30am.  If you are planning on coming, please let us know so that CFPF can be prepared.

A note on scheduling.  If you notice that a class time has filled up, but you are wanting to attend, please let us know.  Many times we can accommodate one-to-two more people.  The other option is that we may open a new class time, if all are filling up.  Our schedule is evolving and we will always need your input.  So please, be vocal about your needs.

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  1. Sounds great!! I am glad we have heat in our place otherwise we would get smoked for sure!!
    Should be a great time, hope this is one of many weekend WOD’s. See you all Saturday.

  2. Verve :

    Will be fun! We however will not know what to do in a temperature controlled environment. Get ready to experience the good life Verve.

  3. Amy Schaeffer :

    I never thought about it until now, but I definitely DO put my CrossFit training to use in my everyday life:
    -I used to always be late to class but thanks to CFV, I am able to get to class on time by running 800m forward then 400 m backwards accross campus without stopping!
    -Instead of traditional walking, I have found Bear Crawling to be a much more efficient way of getting around.
    -When Jared’s Mini gets stuck in the snow, I no longer rely on AAA. It’s just as easy to dumbell thrust it to drier ground.
    -The movement and strength I have gained from the kettlebell jerk has proven exceptionally well when double-fisting 40s.
    -And, when I get irritated that Dan or Jared once again left me a “little surprise” in the toilette, I can retaliate by virtual shoveling their “gift” back to them.

  4. Ro Ro :

    In the snow… seriously? Change your name to Crossfit @#$!ing crazy. It’s like 60 degrees here and we’re freaking out. Y’all keep up the good work. Cherie, I got my level 2 after speaking with you! Very excited! Anyhow, my mom is coming out for X mas to Golden and I want her to come see y’all… stay tuned for details as the day draws closer. Ro

  5. Matt :

    Amy, I think Ro’s comment was more directed to your use of your new found elite level of fitness. CrossFit #@%*ing Crazy! I love it! Anthony and I just did today’s WOD, what a beast. I don’t think my heart rate was ever under 200bpm. Good thing we don’t wear HRM’s, as I’m sure there would be some sort of warning displayed telling you to stop.

  6. cherie :

    Rory – doesn’t it make you wish you lived in D-Town. We are all getting used to not being able to feel our toes, it distracts us from the pain of the daily WOD. Congrats on the Level II we knew you’d be fine, as it seems you can coach the good and the evil.
    Amy – I’m not as witty as you so here is my weekly success. I clean and jerked 6 box jumps yesterday. Also, I push pressed many adventure packs (don’t know why we have so many)
    Cheers Cherie

  7. WOD:
    Ben 26:20
    Amy 25:30 (15#)
    Dan 25:01
    Kiley 20:33 (20#)
    Cass 23:38 (8rds, 20# bar)
    Anna 24:21
    Mas 26:30
    Anthony 20:21
    Matt 15:10
    Mike 34:30 (30#)
    Kristin 25:33 (20#, knee)
    That was one of the hardest WOD’s we’ve done. Nice job toughing it out.

  8. Joylyn :

    WOD @ MVFPD St 6

  9. cherie :

    Great show of dedication Joylyn

  10. Jason :

    WOD @ NMFRD 8 rounds (had to run a call) 14:20.

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