Three rounds for total reps

30 Seconds work, 30 seconds rest each of;

Dumbell bench press (heavy weight) 

Ring rows

Dumbell thrusters (medium weight)

Ring push-ups

Dumbell lunges (light weight)

Post total to comments.

Relax that neck and you have picture perfect, Gerson and Chewy.

This Saturday is Halloween.  We will be having a costume WOD Saturday morning.  All that will be interested in par-taking post to comments and details will follow tomorrow night. 


  1. Who’s a good boy… WHO’S A GOOD BOY!?!?!?

  2. JenB :

    I’m in for the costume WOD!

  3. Tiff :

    as long as the lungs are a little better, i will be there. here’s hoping. cool pic, fellas. =)

  4. Alan :

    I think I might have to make that Halloween WOD….Sick or not! Which WOD are we thinking? (9, 10, or 11)

  5. Caitlin :

    Alan, I hear you like MJ and I’m dressing in full Thriller gear and will teach the dance to anyone who wants to learn (I’m going in at 9) 🙂

  6. Sara :

    You know you’re a Crossfitter when…
    While searching for your first “downtown” apartment, the room you are the pickiest about is the kitchen. MUST HAVE enough counter space to prepare Paleo cuisine, and dishwasher to assist with clean up. = More time to spend as a
    GD Navy Seal and an Olympic Gold Medalist wrapped in a F-ing suit of body armor and for making sweat angels at the Verve.

  7. Alan :

    Catlin, That sounds awesome!!!! Anna and I have a late night planned for Friday, but then a busy day Saturday. Multiple costumes are in the works! I have no idea what I would do for the gym, but I am game to do something! I don’t know if I will make 9am or not. Just depends on when the masses are coming, or if we are just dressing up for all the WODs.?

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