Clean and jerk 80% of 1RM, 5×3 reps
Then, four rounds for time of:

400m Run

40 Sit-ups
Post time to comments.


Tom following the "regularly learn and play new sports" excerpt of World Class Fitness in 100 Words.
We found a gem this week at The Colorado School of Healing ArtsThey have a professional and student massage clinic with very reasonable rates.  For a one hour massage the cost is $28 from a student masseuse or $48 from a licensed masseuse for one and a half hours. For more information call 303-986-2320.  We have not yet tested them out, so if you do - let us all know how it was.
Wednesday the 30th is the final day of the Zone / Real Food Challenge.  It's been almost 8 weeks.  In the week following the competition we will be taking after photos, collecting logs, re-doing workouts and measuring.  The winners will be annouced by October 9th after all photos have been taken and calculations made.
Let's be honest, anyone involved who stuck close to the parameters (diet needed to consist of your personal Zone blocks and real food), will have experienced the huge impact that nutrition plays on their health and fitness.  There will be two winners, top female and top male.  Winning will be determined via two factors; % of fitness increase and % of body composition change. It's anyone game so…
Stay extra strict this week as the winners receive:
1 Free month at Verve
1 Buddy Lee extra magic jump rope
A Verve t-shirt of their choice (and we are making cool new ones)
And… A split of the $320 pot.


  1. Rich :

    I have gone to the CO School of Healing Arts many times – I started by just going to the student clinic, and it was decent. I began using the professional 1.5 hour clinic before I left CO and I enjoyed it more! They have private rooms just as you would find at a spa, where some schools have an “emergency room” type setting. I would definitely get over there for an hour of heaven!
    I have helped many of the troops over here with their nutrition – many dropping 15+ Lbs and feeling better about themselves! Until coming to the Verve I really didn’t know how important nutrition is to everything in life! I still have over a month left here but I will get you all some before and after pics as well!
    I can’t wait to get back and see everyone! Hope you are enjoying the colder weather – It is still well over 100+ degrees here during the day!

  2. I’ve been needing a good massage lately…
    *Way to go Rich! Hopefully the month passes quickly for you. That temp is freakin’ nuts.
    *Good job today 6am class! Rosa you are looking fantastic!

  3. JenB :

    when do the ski hills officially open? anyone up for some early season snow-ride’n?

  4. Mary :

    I’m p for some early season snow-ride’n! I can’t wait till there is enough snow! Pretty sure my hand will be healed by then 😉

  5. Rosa :

    Catherine – you’re the best! Thanks to everyone in the 6 am class for all the encouragement.

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