Shoulder press 80% of 1RM, 5×3 reps 

Five rounds for time:

400m run

Rounds are to be completed on the 3:00 or 2:30 minute interval.  Interval dependent on cardiovascular/respiratory capacity. Be sure to log your interval times.

Post interval times to comments.


Joylyn, focused and fabulous, getting ready to be a blushing bride.

Anyone else have any big events coming up?

"Now and then I daydream of everyday mundane things: a bed, a flush toilet.  I climb and guide 200 days a year.  Mostly I live in my van.  Sometimes I like to rent a little house, just for a few days.  I'll spend the whole morning cleaning it, so I can just hang out and say to myself, "Oh this is nice."  Soon, though, I'll miss the simplicity of the climbing life, where there are no silly errands and no e-mails.  At Indian Creek, where the desert rolls out uninterrupted until it fades into the mountains, I close my eyes and I'm in some John wayne film: lawless, crazy, anything can happen." – Dawn Glanc (elite athlete) 

I believe this hits a cord with many of us.  We find peace in nature while at our sport of choice.  Ski season is around the corner, any skiers/boarders out there?  Anyone buying a pass?  Post to comments which pass you're buying.


  1. Tiff :

    yes, peace in nature. some dear friends reminded me of that tonight. =)
    i got a copper pass last night but would be down to hit up any place this season just for funsies.
    joylyn!!! girl, you look f-ing amazing!!!! sweet pic, my dear!

  2. Nat Ridder :

    My brother and I got the Winter Park/Copper Mountain pass. FYI, if you are a student at a college in the state of Colorado you can get a 2/1 season pass to the two mountains. All you have do is open a checkng account at Wells Fargo. If you already have a Wells Fargo checking account no worries… just open up another one and close it the followind day. Eitherway its well worth it, $215 for a season worth of skiing is unbeatable.

  3. Jake :

    Will probably be getting Breck/Key/ABasin…snowboard/ski .. we will probably be doing a bit of skate skiing/ snow shoeing in Breck as well if anyone is interested.

  4. Dan F. :

    Colorado Pass. I snowboard, and wear a helmet so I protect my noggin as I fall off the chairlift…

  5. Rich :

    I am going to have a pass good at Winter Park/Copper Mtn! I will be home from the middle east in time for the season to start! Also attending the Level I Cert at the end of November! It is going to be great to be back home… Can’t wait to see you all!

  6. Jack :

    Backcountry riding this year. I was also thinking about the 5 mountain pass.
    Wanted to try hoping on the Telle-train and getting some free the heel action.

  7. gerson m :

    Heck yeah I‘m getin my pass don’t know which one yet… sounds like a good winter ya’ll. Jake I’ve gone snow shoeing with the military, they have a way of taking the fun out of it. Hell I’m willing to give it another go…

  8. Looking fantastic Joylyn!

  9. Mark :

    SNNNOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW WaHOOOO!!!! Thanks you guys for asking that questions I was wondering what everyone was going to get as well…Thinking about the 5mtn pass which i have had past couple years…

  10. Alan :

    I will be patrolling at Echo again this year, so Anna and I will have passes anywhere except Vail resorts.

  11. Wiman :

    I have not bought a pass as of yet but usually go with the 5 mountain pass…can’t beat the Back Bowls on a poweder day!!

  12. Mike Ware :

    WinterPark/Copper. My daughter is in ski school every Saturday at WP. Every Sunday in the BC (typically Berthoud). LET IT SNOW!!

  13. Tiff :

    God bless crossfit. Amen.

  14. We’re leaning towards the 5 mtn pass, but I’m excited to hear mike mention berthoud. Fun!
    Tiff, am I missing something?
    I’m ready to cheer on Verve at the Colorado open!

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