Back squat 80% of 1RM, 5 X 3 reps

Followed by "Grace";

30 Clean & jerks, 135#/85# (45-55% 1RM C&J)

Post time and thoughts to comments.


You can stop hating now Alan, you can overhead squat.

Faults in the squat are a dime a dozenThe problem lies in understanding the cause and the willingness to address it.  Some folks hear the words "not deep enough" over and over again, but think that they can't do anything about it because it's a flexibility issue.  Others lose back extension and allow themselves to get sloppy in the bottom of the squat.  More still find their knees rolling to the inside their feet.

If you've heard any of these faults mentioned during a workout, don't become complacent with your shortcomings – address them head on.  If you have difficulty lowering the crease of your hip to just below your kneecap, understand that you may have weak hip extensors or you are quad dominant.  Three ways to address these issues are box squats, bottom-to-bottom squats, or squat therapy.  If you are unable to hold your back in extension while you squat, try squat therapy, back extensions on the GHD, or overhead squats.  If you can't seem to keep your knees from rolling inside your feet, try pushing your feet to the outside of your shoes while squatting or strengthening your adductors with band exercises.

If you are aware of a weakness, address it.  If you need assistance addressing your faults, talk to your trainers… they love you and would be overwhelmed with joy if you wanted to use overhead squats to strengthen your back.


  1. Alan :

    My trainers love me….Therefore, I love OHS!!!!
    Ok, there is a little fibbing going on there…but I do actually “like” them a little more! I am interested in trying them more often, and trying to go heavier!!!

  2. Way to go Alan!!!
    Yes, I do need to go deeper. *ahem*
    Hey, so I nearly forgot but the Paleo talk is this Thursday at 7pm! Would anybody like to ride down together? I’m working out at 4:30 and will have to run home to shower (unless being gym sweaty makes me cooler…) but can meet back at the gym ASAP to drive down. Thoughts? If not, I’ll be all alone. So sad. No friends. *sniff*

  3. Tiff :

    yeah…my butt winks under. i’ll be looking for some squat therapy.
    cat-totally down to carpool…however, isn’t it SEPT 17th? like in a month?

  4. Well what the fark am I thinking? HEHE! My schedule is crazy these days… OK… see ya on SEPT 17th!
    *Gilda Radner as Rosanne Rosannadanna* “Nevermind!”

  5. Erin :

    Attention Ververs!
    I am going to hike one more 14’er before summer sadly comes to an end. 🙁 This weekend (Saturday August 22nd!!) I will be hiking Mt. Quandary which is outside of Breckenridge. I will be leaving early Saturday morning (probably like 5 am or 6).
    This is a birthday hike for me! If you would like to join me, I’d like to have you along!!! Call me or post if you plan on going. We can either meet at Verve or my house.
    Quandary is about a 7 mile round trip hike. Fairly “easy” considering what Long’s was! You can check out the details on
    Hope some of you can join me!

  6. Erin :

    SMFR Station #33
    Backsquat #120 5×3
    Grace 85# 7:04

  7. Luke :

    Yo fools. Greetings from 11’s. Did yesterdays today, 11:20, with 90# for my snatches and 20# dumbbell thrusters for my wall-balls. Good times.

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