Shoulder press / push press / push jerk 80% of your 1RM, 3 sets of 3 reps each


Three rounds, 21-15-9 for time of:

Thrusters, 95#/65# (40-50% of 1RM PP)


Last done on: February 18th, 2009

Post time and thoughts to comments.


Derek during the 1RM push press session.

Scaling a workout is often seen as a failure by many athletes.  This is truly unfortunate, as scaling provides many athletes with the ability to perform a WOD with more intensity than doing a workout as prescribed.  By scaling a workout, many times a trainer recognizes that the weight or reps would be inappropriate for an athlete to perform while maintaining desired conditioning effect.  Take "Fran" for example; should a female athlete with a 105# push press and 12 consecutive pull-ups perform the workout as Rx'd?  No.  Considering that the prescribed weight is roughly 61% of the athlete's 1RM push press (a movement that is part of a thruster), performing the movement at the Rx'd weight for 45 reps may not be ideal.

Instead, we'd prefer to see this athlete stay within 40-50% of the 1RM push press in order to illicit the greatest power output possible.  For this athlete this means approximately 45# would be ideal for this workout.  At this weight, the athlete is able to perform the 45 reps in a shorter time thereby reaching the desired training effect.  The same can be done for gymnastics movements, like the pull-up.  The difference is that we base the scaling on the athlete's maximum repititions in a single effort.  For this athlete with 12 max rep pull-ups, 45 reps during a workout would probably break down to singles fairly early in the WOD, thereby changing the nature of the WOD.  A more effective rep scheme might be 10-7-4, which would maximize the power output during pull-up efforts.

If your trainer scales your WOD, stay cool, give it a shot and go harder!

If you aren't sold on the idea, try playing with Catalyst Athletic's Power Output Calculator.  Use "Fran" as your WOD by entering 45 reps of thrusters and 45 reps of pull-ups.  Try using some different weights and times and see how many horsepower you generated (listed under power output)Heavier weight doesn't necessarily mean more power output.


  1. Catherine :

    Derek! You’re an ANIMAL! Keep up with increasing your badassness you beast! And yes, I just made up that word because Derek deserves his own word.

  2. Joylyn :

    Soooooooo……can we go back to NOT posting the WOD’s beforehand? Please?
    Because I didn’t want to know this one…..
    damn Mas for telling me….damn him…..
    Scaling is hard to do, I probably should have scaled those darn ring dips more today, but my stubbornness got the best of me, just wanting to do a ring dip WOD as rx’d. Beat me into submnission more next time, I’ll thank you for it later.

  3. Cherie :

    Joylyn –
    I hear ya, it took a lot for me to scale today. That damn ego gets in the way. However, I think there is a time a place in our training for both scaling and pushing ourselves trough a rx’d. The art is in finding the balance. Keeping it constantly varied to me means sometimes I’m going to turn a 5 min workout into 30, but I’m not going to make it a habit or I’m not reaching my potential in my training.

  4. Danimal :

    Derek, you’re a beast bro! I really enjoy working out next to you but I worry about the day when you become shredded like Mas did. Keep up the hard work bro!

  5. Anna :

    Will be hard to but into scaling. I agree I have always felt disappointed when I cannot do as prescribed. But willing to try new things, will love to feel more power in my WODS. Nice pic Derek, turning into one more verve animal. Damn we look good!

  6. Gerson M :

    hey anna i’m down for the ft.collins thing… do you have more info?

  7. Catherine :

    On another note…
    Probably the hardest thing for me is doing The Zone outside my own house. Ugh. I kind of dread it right now. So on The Zone site, they have a breakdown of some restaurants and how to best stick to The Zone. Just wanted to share b/c some places don’t make it easy and I hate to place restrictions on people in my life who aren’t on my same path. I am getting better at it for sure because at a certain point, it’s not a difficult concept to grasp once you’ve spent time to understand it. Still though, some places just don’t make it easy. Here is the link:

  8. Anna :

    Tiff, Gearson and all others
    Either on the affiliate page or google crossfitbattleready in Greely you will find the info. We have to email the gym if we want to go to the competition. Whomever wants to go email They want info on name, age, affiliate you belong etc. Just go to the website and go from there. This is for next weekend a free competition anyone interested?

  9. Mas :

    I’m just trying to be as shredded as you Dan. Keep up the good work you two

  10. Luke :

    Another amazing WOD. I can’t say enough about the new programming. New PR on Fran, 4:24.

  11. Catherine :

    How’s this for a great video on making excuses… or shutting up and NOT making them:

  12. Jake :

    Well I had a lunch date with Fran.. a first date of sorts.. not that I’m dating.. I have a lovely wife. I found it difficult but enjoyable 5:58 at 75#. I must also say this is my first post ever!! wow.. I can’t believe it really.. everyday I come a read everyones comments enjoying what everyone has to say. I can’t say enough for how much I appreciate the vibe at Verve.. so positive and I look forward to coming in everyday! As for Fran.. we shall meet again.

  13. Mas :

    Yay Jake!!! Watch out though… It gets kind of addicting

  14. Matt :

    Yeah Jake!!! Great time!

  15. James :

    Ahhhh. . .Fran. I felt lousy after her and as the day progresses more parts of my body are feeling sore. She’s nasty, that lady. Not as nasty to me as she was to Rachel — hope you’re doing okay, Rachel.
    I’m pumped up about cutting over 3 and a half minutes off of my last Fran time (from 9:22 to 5:48). All thrusters were unbroken and the pullups went 11-5-5, 5-4-3-2-1, and 2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1. Yeah, it got ugly there at the end.

  16. Danimal :

    Fran is a bitch!

  17. Sara :

    Rachel- I hope you’re doing okay! I know how scary a pull-up bar spill can be. I’m really glad that you were feeling better after catching your breath. And very glad you didn’t have to take a ride in an ambulance. Thinking of you! See you soon!
    On another note. I agree with Dan. Wow, after those 15 thrusters life is rough. It felt great to give it a go though! I was so happy to go to the Verve today to pound out some excess stress! Fran definitely accomplished that.

  18. Danimal :

    Fran!!!! I didn’t mean it! I take it all back… lets never fight again. <3

  19. Catherine :

    Fran made me rip my hands for the first time. HMPH! Hopefully I wasn’t to whiny as to be annoying. :/
    Time: 7:34 but I think it was my first go-round with the filthy bitch.
    Tim-I could’ve lifted your 95# push press had my hands been better. I’ll get you my pretty…

  20. Catherine :

    ugh, typo: too*

  21. Cherie :

    Guys check out these beautiful photos of a handsome couple we all know and love

  22. Holly :

    Catherine- You did AWESOME today! Keep it up!
    Mas and Joylyn, the slide show was really amazing! Congrats to you both!!

  23. Matt :

    Holy shit!!! You guys look amazing! Congrats to you both – you are a wonderful couple and I am proud of you.
    BTW, you’re both going to need new turnouts – they look waaay too big.

  24. tim m :

    Catherine did I have 95# for some reason today I could not count. Right Zac?? LOL. Catherine you did great today.
    Danimal… Fran is crazy she will always fight back she kicked my butt and I couldn’t feel my arms afterwards. Zac thanks for the counting.
    Mas And Joylyn great photos. Congratulation!
    7:57 Rx

  25. Catherine :

    Thanks Holly, so did you! Thanks for being my partner :).
    Those engagement pictures are probably the best I’ve ever seen. You guys are so genuine and so clearly crazy about each other it made my eyes kinda well up. Really just the sweetest pictures…
    Congratulations you guys! So inspiring 🙂

  26. Erin :

    Way to go everyone! Great Fran times today!!! New P.R’s everywhere! Strong work!
    Joylyn and Mas–you two are absolutely amazing…so inspiring…so strong…such incredible people. You guys keep getting better and better!!! I LOVE your engagement slide show! SO happy for the two of you. Congratulations again!!!

  27. Cherie :

    Fun day, super proud of all the PR’s flying around today. You guys are getting silly strong!
    I was exteremely excited to drop 1:05 off my old time new pr of 5:14. Thanks James H. for the help with counting.

  28. Rachel :

    Glad to see so many PR’s as well, wish I could say the same…wish I could have finished the WOD, but I guess not having to take a ride in the ambulance (as Sara said) is better. Thanks for the well wishes guys, I feel like I got ran over by a truck but other than that I’m feeling pretty good! I can’t wait to get back in the gym soon!
    Absolutely the best engagement pics, hands down!!! Although I’m a little partial I guess, but you both look so awesome and I’m so proud of you guys, luv ya both!

  29. Joylyn :

    It was absolutely amazing watching everyone today. To come in and see the PR’s all posted, with HUGE improvements–so impressive and exciting.
    What was even better was watching all the INTENSITY everyone brought to this classic WOD.
    Erin, I have to say I’m so impressed with your workout, especially after being up running calls, with so little rest. You continue to push me. Thanks.
    Regarding our engagement pics, thanks guys. It’s a big thanks to the Verve community, helping us dial in nutrition and making us into the strongest, healthiest people we’ve ever been so far.

  30. Mas :

    Fran!! You little hooker! j/k, this is a term of endearment. I call Joylyn this all the time. Whaaaaa????
    I have to say the programing is going well. I shaved 4 min off my old time.
    Rachel- way to keep up the great attitude! And when you are ready, we will take Fran in the alley and backhand her.
    Thanks guys for the kind words about our pics. I think the best part is that we feel so much healthier.

  31. James :

    OK, so I was playing around with the Catalyst Athletics calculator and found that I generated 187 watts during Fran. On the other hand, if I cut 9 of the pullups out of the workout in order to scale it, and finished in 4:30, the calculator tells me I would generate 222 watts. Theoretically, that’s better. However, I end up doing less work (60,000 joules vs. 65,000 joules).
    What balance do we want to strike here? We’re not just trying to maximize power output, right? After all, if I did one round of Cindy in 45 seconds, I’d generate 264 watts, but that wouldn’t be much of a workout. So theoretically, each workout should be trying to maximize power output while maintaining a different work threshold — can you give me any guidance as to how to do that?
    Or should I just shut up and lift?

  32. tiff :

    pics: m&j—-you guys radiate, not only love, but friendship. it’s amazing to see!
    fran: congrats to all with pr’s!! so freakin great!
    this was my first time with the little lady, and i gotta say, holy guacamole…that was a ride. i definitely almost blacked out with 4 pullups to go. then was on vomit alert for a good 20 min.
    it was SO…….MUCH…….FUN!!!! fran rocks.

  33. Jen :

    Joylyn and Mas-Love the slide show of the engagement photos. I am so glad that the Verve allows us such great friendships. The wedding photos should be awesome after the next nutrition challenge!!

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