As many rounds as possible on 20 minutes:

400 m run

Max rep pull-ups


Push Press

1 – 1 – 1

Post rounds and pull-ups to comments.


Zac "the judge", Tiffany "the athlete", Joylyn, Mas and Leet "the spectators"

The 2009 quest for the fittest human on earth at the CrossFit Games is over and The Ranch in Aromas is quiet for another year.  The weekend proved to be exhausting, exhilarating, inspirational and fun.  The organizers left no physical fitness adaptations untested; cardio/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. The workouts were varied, functional and intense.

As we drove into the arena the butterflies started creeping in.  Over 2500 spectators and 800 athletes filed in as the weekend started with the affiliate cup. There were 97 teams competing from all over the country, in three workouts. 

The Verve team was pumped to get started.  We began with max weight overhead squats for three reps and max pull-ups for three attempts.  Alan, Anna and Cherie all PR'd on their overhead squats with 125#, 130# and 130# for three reps.  Tim squated strong with 145#.  Anna got a new max reps of pull-ups by finishing her first set with 13 reps. 

The stadium workout followed with Anna, Tiffany, Tim and Gerson battling to finish.  The workout was 30 wallballs 20# (14#), 30 box jumps, 30 push press 40# (25#), 30 kettlebell swings 55# (35#), row 300 meters and 30 deadlifts 225# (135#).  They were just shy of the cut off time to finish with only 60+ deadlifts to complete. 

The run was last with Tiffany, Cherie, Alan and Gerson competing in a relay. Verve ran 1st in their heat with no one in sight and pulled an incredible 9th place finish in the run.  Overall Verve finished 73rd out of 97.

On Saturday the day began early with a 7am check in for the individual events.  Matt's morning started with a grueling 7k run (Three hill climbs in the sand).  Matt paced the run and finished in 58th place out of 74. 


Matt lifting his PR 485# deadlift.

The second workout, was an increasing one rep deadlift every 20 seconds.  The lift started at 315# and increased by 10# for a max of 20 lifts ending at 505#.  Matt set a new PR of 485# and bumped his placing up 15 spots to 43rd. 

The third workout, was a sprint straight up 170 meters, with two 35# sandbags in tow.  At this point the sun was blazing overhead, Matt fumbled at the start to get his bags situated, started up the hill in last place, over took the other competitors and just shy of the finish, his legs buckled and he landed face first.  He hustled to get up and finished in 1:11, bumping himself up again by 12 spots to 35th.


Matt killing the row, sledge hammer WOD

The forth workout was row 500 meters, drive a 4' stake in the ground and row 500 meters.  Matt took an exciting early lead in the men's heats, completing the workout in 4:55 for a finish of 6th placeBumping up his standing yet again by another 13 spots to 21st. 

With one workout left Matt needed to jump another 5 spots to make the finals.  The last workouts rep scheme was decided moments before the athletes competed, three rounds of 30 wallballs 20# and 30 full squat snatches with 75#.  Matt looked well composed during him final workout and finished in 13:42, bumping him up just shy of the finals to 18th place, becoming the 18th fittest man in the world

Congrats to Matt and the Verve affiliate team for their athletic efforts at the 2009 CrossFit Games.


  1. Rich :

    All I can Say is WOW! While the games were going on I found myself waking up in the middle of the night (I am 10 hours ahead of CA) to find out how the Verve was doing and getting an update on the games! I wish I could have been there with you all supporting and competing in the Affiliate Cup, I still have a few months left over here but should be back in the middle of Nov… Matt, you fucking Rock! You among those at the Verve are truly an inspiration! Crossfit is my release while I am deployed and mentally prepared me to come! I hope everyone is doing well and I am looking forward to coming home…

  2. Erin :

    Way to Matt and Verve Athletes! Way to make us all proud and represent! You guys are amazing and inspirational! Matt, you ARE the fittest man on earth in my eyes! Nice job!!!

  3. Way to represent, incredible job to all of you! Matt, unreal..ur definitely the #1 badass in my book as well, and an inspirational mentor to all!! Just another reminder of why i am so grateful to be a part of the Verve. Tomorrow, Chris and I are going to go up to the mnts near Breckenridge for a short hike (McCullough Gulch, suppossed to be beautiful) and then hit up the bike paths for some riding…if your off, you should come play! Lemme know if your interested, it should be a blast!

  4. Tim :

    Yay! More running…nothing better then to work on weakness.
    Anyone else thinking of competing in the Colorado Games?

  5. Catherine :

    Awesome! Btw, I stalk you people and show non-CrossFitters videos of how awesome you are. Not kidding. Really inspiring.
    btw, did a travel WOD just now: 20 min, max rounds of 5 pushups, 10 situps, 15 squats.
    I did 11 rounds with 7 having a modified pushup, the rest regular pushups. Totally sweating right now. I was a little scared that I couldn’t do a WOD w/out a trainer pushing me but I did it! I could do more rounds if I wasn’t drinking water and marking down my rounds to keep track.

  6. Victoria :

    Congrats on this weekend! I have been out of town camping but I have been thinking about you guys and wondering how the games were going! I’m blown away! You all are so impressive and inspiring! It makes me realize that getting up for 7am workouts are not that hard. You all kick ass!! Good to have you all home.

  7. Gerson :

    Catherine – It’s awesome stoked you did a travel WOD. Keep it up, three on one off.

  8. Catherine :

    Thanks Gerson! Unfortch the 411 on the 3-1 isn’t going to happen. Can’t workout today-just too packed and I won’t get home until after midnight tonight. I will be @ the gym tomorrow @ 4:30 though. Maybe I’ll see you there…
    Good job on the affiliate cup!

  9. Catherine :

    Hey all, Elizabeth and I are trying to sell our Mile High Music Fest tix for this weekend’s show. We each have 2 day passes (tickets are printed seperately for each day) If you’re interested, email me @
    Orig price was $190’ish for the 2-day pass and we’re will to let them go for the low, low price of $150’ish for each 2 day pass. I suppose we could sell individual days as well if need be. 🙂 Let me know!

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