Overhead squat 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 reps
Before completion, find a max

Followed by seven rounds for time:
7 Wallball, 20# (14#)
7 Pull-ups

Post time and loads to comments.


Tim Keefe, fire-breather in the making. A new promotion, a new wife and now a crossfitter; what else could one ask for in a year?

-This post thanks to guest author Tim Keefe.

I found my fire! First let me start by saying that I sit here alone in my Hotel room in San Diego, California pouring sweat as I type this.  What is the meaning of my life why am I here what am I supposed to accomplish?  I had an epiphany this evening….so what was it might you ask.  Well I figured out why I am here, what keeps me moving forward.

Last month I was presented challenge/promotion at work.  You may think well that’s great congratulations. Well this “promotion” from every angle seemed to be an un-winnable situation a total crap shoot. How could I ever take control and fix the many issues that plagued my company?   For the past three weeks I have sulked in my own self pity, how could I possibly win this battle? 

I returned to my hotel room after a demoralizing day where problem after problem were stacked up against me.  I was exhausted, disgusted, defeated.  I lay on the bed staring at the ceiling not really thinking just staring.  So I went for a run to snap out of this empty state and it turned into much more. 

I began running and thinking, searching for answers.   Then I started descending down this long winding hill.  This was the type of hill that you say to yourself “I am glad than I am going down and not up this fucker”.   When I reached the bottom I stopped….it hit me….THIS IS MY LIFE!  This hill is my life. 

See most often times people look for the easiest way down, the path of least resistant.  During the thousands of years that humans have been on this earth people have been presented these hills and somewhere along the way we started avoiding them.  NOT TONIGHT…NOT THIS HILL! So I turned around and began running up.

Every inch of my body was telling me to stop, to turn around but I didn’t.  When I starting feeling light headed I ran harder I pushed through.  Then I got to the top turned right back around ran to the bottom and did it again, and again, and again. 

I was the only person there…the only one watching it was me against me, no clock, no competition just me and this god damn hill!  Why did I do it?  I’ll tell you why, because this hill wasn’t going to intimidate me, it wasn’t going to beat me. This is my life, this is my fire.  I will always put one foot in front of the other, always keep moving forward.  It’s not about getting to the top and admiring your accomplishment it’s about finding the next hill and taking it head on.  So this promotion wasn’t going to beat me, and I am not going to look for the easiest way out.  I am going to attack this thing head on, one problem at a time.

Crossfit has given me this perspective, given me this ignition.  They say in order for there to be a fire there must be a spark, and igniter.  Crossfit has given me this spark, and now it is up to me to continue to feed the fire.  I thank you Matt, Cherie, Zac, Luke and all of the Verve family for giving me this spark.  


-Thank you for your inspiration, Tim.  A new promotion, a new wife and now a crossfitter; what else could one ask for in a year?


  1. Cherie :

    Jimmy and Emmalee, thanks for the motivation today, truly helpful.
    Anna and Derek – I agree, however I think sometimes I think through the numbers too much. Know to much and we eliminate that intensity.
    Tim, thank you for always being dedicated and a positive presence at the gym.

  2. Erin :

    Awesome post Tim! I absolutely can relate to your post and am inspired by your words. Thank you!!! We all have a “fire” within in us we just have to find the spark that ignites it and keep it burning bright.
    Rock on Verve Family!!!
    BTW–got back from the World Championships for the Combat Challenge on Saturday night. I took 6th place in the World. First time in 5 years of competing that I made it to the final day at World’s and made the top 10 for females. Hmmmm….I wonder what changed in the last 5 years??? CROSSFIT and ZONE!!! Thank you all for all your encouragement and support. You are all truly part of my family and inspire me everyday to be better, to work harder, and to always find a way to ignite the fire within me.

  3. Jared :

    Very inspiring Tim. Thank you.

  4. JenB :

    Thanks Tim for the inspiration… awesome story. Congrats Erin on your 6 place at the world championships. wow! also, thanks to the ipod i borrowed for the run yesterday, i almost wanted to keep going after the mile was up because the tunes were that good.

  5. Joylyn :

    Great post Tim! I especially love your point of not just resting on our laurels admiring our accomplishment, but seeking out the next hill to tackle.
    Erin, you are such a strong beautiful woman inside and out, thanks for being a great inspiration.
    Verve is full of all you thoughtful wonderful peeps, but I just have to point out that yesterday when Amy and I were joking about the cold run, Matt Johnson ran out to his car and found some hats for us, without a second thought. So kind! Thank you again.

  6. Luke :

    Tim, great letter. Thank you for sharing that. I’m with Cherie, you’re always a positive presence at the gym.
    Erin, way to be.
    I think the Verve is full of success stories.

  7. derek :

    Awesome WOD, got a pr on ohs 155 for 3 reps but failed at 165, but that was the heaviest I have ever attempted. Feel like I have finally broke through a lot of problems with flexibility and balance still have a long way to go but it was great to see improvement. Always fun to workout with Alan he is always so positive. Fun stuff today

  8. Great post! I can relate, indeed.
    Congrats Erin! VERY impressive. You’re quite the badass :). Top ten females is something to really brag about!

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Two rounds for time:

45 Jumping pull-ups

45 Sumo deadlift high pulls, 24kg (16kg)

45 Anchored sit-ups

Cookie: hand stand work (holds and push-ups) and ring work (skin the cats and L-hangs)

Post time to comments.

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