Wednesday 100106

Each Round for time:

21 Back squat, bodyweight
21 Push-up


15 Front squats, bodyweight
15 Ring dip


9 Overhead squats, bodyweight
9 Handstand push-up

Post time for each round to comments.

Dan demonstrating solid push-up technique

Thanks to MBS CrossFit for this post on mechanics vs. technique.

Stupid ROM and technique. I’d be a whole lot faster without it!
In CrossFit we progress in this order: Mechanics, Consistency, and then Intensity.
By following this progression you will fully benefit from what CrossFit has to offer!

Mechanics refers to your understanding of the movement and the technique – please understand, these are two different things!

For simplicity sake, let’s take the good ole’ air squat. Understanding the air squat means that you know that we begin in an upright position with hip and knees open. You then sit your butt back then down to reach a below parallel position (hip crease lower than your knee) in the bottom. Lastly, you drive through your heels and stand again with hips and knees open. Tada, you did an air squat. Essentially, understanding the movement means that you understand the required range of motion (ROM). Now, on to the technique of an air squat.

Proper technique of the air squat is that we thrust our hips and knees back to achieve full depth. Our heels remain in contact with the ground. We maintain lumbar curve, our chest is inflated and our knees track over our toes. Once you demonstrate the action of the squat in this way time and again, you have mastered the technique of the air squat.

When someone says that you have good technique, they are referring to the manner in which you move yourself and external objects in the most efficient, effective and safe manner possible. Efficient, effective, and safe.

To make my point, just because you are doing the action of the squat (down and up), it doesn’t mean that you have good mechanics. Good mechanics of the air squat means that you do the action of all the way down and all the way up AND do it in an efficient, effective, and safe manner (technique). Good mechanics are both full ROM and good technique.

Mechanics is where you will make your money. Developing proper movement mechanics will not only keep you free from injury, but it will help you move faster, more efficiently, and more freely through a workout because you know the coach isn’t going to yell “doesn’t count!”  every other rep. Mastering the mechanics of our core movements will ensure that you benefit in each and every workout. Keep this in mind as you conquer this benchmark workout today!


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