Wednesday 100224

Three rounds, 21 – 15 – 9 reps for time of:

Deadlift, 225#/155# (45% of 1RM)

Overhead squat, 135#/85# (45% of 1RM)

Post time to comments.


Tiffany fashioned some homemade shin guards for yesterday's "scary" box jumps workout

Day Three of the Paleo Challenge.  Have you used your two hour window already?  We've had a ton of questions and are here to motivate the day with some tricks, hints and guidelines.

Alcoholic beverages:  Biggest issue with athletes sticking to the paleo or zone is this one.  For the next 27 days we ask that you lock the stash.  It's 27 days of detox people, you can do it.  This means no Red Bridge and no wine.  If you feel the urge to drink, try cultivating some other habit or addiction like shopping or gambling.

Sugar:  This is an evil substance created by the devil in order to fatten up his disciples.  Seriously; no sugar, no honey and no substitutes = no excess insulin dumps.  Save your pancreas and reset your insulin receptors, whoot whoot. 

Dairy:  Imagine yourself running in a Paleolithic era meadow, peaceful and naked with the club your sweetheart got you at last full moon.  It's spring and the bison are expecting calves soon.  You hide behind a bush and watch them graze.  As they relax and settle in to their chomping, you dash athletically and with determination you target the milky tit.  How does this story conclude in your imagination? Something sound wrong other then the fact that I used the word tit in this post?

Zone:  The Zone is not a requirement for this challenge.  However, if you are already doing Zone we recommend keeping it up for OPTIMAL RESULTS.

Entering:  If you haven't already, get your pictures taken, get measured, turn in your commitment sheet, log your food (send or turn this in on Friday) and have an anti-inflammed month.

Eat your veggies at every meal and drink water.  It will make you hate food and feel amazing!


  1. Joylyn :

    So I didn’t think that I could be laughing any more reading this post thru the “sugar from the devil” and “tit” analogy….but then I read the last line and almost peed myself laughing and crying so hard. It’s totally true about the veggies and water at every meal.
    Is anyone interested in doing some trampoline dodgeball soon? Like maybe tomorrow? Hmmmm….I really want us to go take on some cocky pre-adolescent punks in the court of death.

  2. Matt :

    Agreed… And yes, I’m in on some trap dodgeball

  3. derek :

    so we can still gamble then….awesome! I love veggies I really do but it seems to be a struggle for me to get them as often as I should. I eat way more fruit so that has been my challenge for this challenge. I love dodge ball sounds fun but tomorrow won’t work for me probably but another time, I’m down

  4. James :

    The only thing wrong with that story is that it didn’t end with the caveman guzzling on a sweet sweet milky tit.
    I want my milk goddammit!!!

  5. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Hi I’m Jeff and I’m a recovering milkaholic. I’ve been a member with MA (milkaholic anonymous) for about a week now. I almost had a relapse today when the punk next to me in the chow hall made a comment on how the milk was ice cold with a killer milkstache….
    Damn you tasty beverage!!!!!!

  6. stef :

    Seriously, has anyone read this yet? It’s HILAR!!! Read it.. it’s about a guy, eating paleo. Made a funny funny journal.

  7. Patty White :

    OMG…this post is hilarious!!!! At least we still can laugh while doing this mean diet! I will try the kale salad today 🙂

  8. Sarah Levenhagen :


  9. Hehe. Fine. No honey. I get it. Those paleo cookies rock though.
    @Joylyn: Yo, is tramp dodgeball at Jumpstreet up North?

  10. Amanda K. :

    Dodgeball? Nice! Can’t make this time but Joylyn let me know when the next time is. Want to go for sure!
    day 3 and moving forward. (kinda feels like AA when i say that.)

  11. Mas :

    Milk a whaaaa?!?!?!?!

  12. stef :

    People in my office have girl scout cookies everywhere. Yesterday was donut and bagle day. To be mean, someone placed one on my desk. I offered for him to eat it or I’d trash it (he saw I wasn’t joking)…. good night, sometimes this does feel like AA. Resist the urges…

  13. robyn :

    Man am I glad I have Celiac Disease this is not much of a change for me, compared to some of you. Good Luck to all you regular bread and grain eaters:)Although I’m going to miss wine, booohooohoo!
    Where and when for dodgeball???

  14. Gerson :

    Stef and everyone else doing the paleo challenge I feel your pain…
    passed my first test tho, so there I was surrounded by 110 beers, pizza and french fries as far as my eyes can see!!
    What did I do you ask?
    I ate my home made almond & chicken salad…
    yes –n- hope it gets easier.
    one thing, I’m hungry all the time!!!!
    Joylyn, I’m down for some dodgeball, Tiff all your missing is a helmet!

  15. MJ :

    TEQUILA!!!!….isn’t that Paleo friendly? its from a plant right?…anyone?

  16. Joylyn :

    Okay Team Verve:
    Dodgeball date 1 = tonight. Jump Street in Thornton @ 8225 North Valley Highway. (84th & I-25, west side)
    Be there a little before 7pm. We’ll put a team or two together for a little round robin tournament. $8 p/p. Sounds like we’ll get plenty of playtime for the price, as there are usually few teams.
    *They are open till 10pm, so for you folks in the 730pm class, come on up and join us afterward. You’ll already be sweaty and strong.*
    If you can’t make it tonight….don’t worry. I think we should make this a weekly or biweekly date on different nights. Especially during the paleo challenge.
    Just picture taking your caveman or cavewoman pain out on some poor unsuspecting dodgeball patrons….you can pretend you’re throwing those evil, devilish carbs like bagels, cookies, beers all right back at people—ARRRRGGGHHHH! Take that wooly mammoth!

  17. Joylyn :

    ps. Kale and clementines are on sale at Sunflower starting today, just to name a few yummy paleo ingredients.
    Tiff–Gold star for creativity.
    Gerson–More veggies, less fruit. Make sure EVERY meal & snack has fats, protein and carbs.
    I think there is a nutrition session this Sunday….bring some meals or recipes to share?
    COME ON PEOPLE—You can do it! It’s MENTAL. You’re F’n STRONG, don’t forget it!

  18. Amanda K. :

    Just made Cherie’s No-Excuses Turkey Chili. It’s awesome for every meal and the house smells yummy.
    Recipe swap is a great idea!

  19. Joe Cruz :

    Jump Street is an amazing time and you’ll be working every muscle of your body while laughing hysterically. I would definitely be there except that I’ve got roller derby practice…
    Speaking of derby–if you’re interested in seeing some kick-ass ladies skate and knock each other around, let me know. Our first bouts of the season are on the 20th of March so you can come after killing it at Sectionals.

  20. See ya at Jumpstreet!

  21. I did it we are now offically local veg heads. Thanks Donna
    There is still time to get your local veggies before summer check it out people

  22. Greg B. :

    Joylyn did you just call me mental????By the way if I were a caveman I would catch and tie up a buffalo so I could have all the milk and buffalo mozzarella I could handle! And my buffalo and I would be the best of friends, possibly play in the meadow together and roll and laugh about the other silly cavemen……

  23. bk :

    bk scaled 105# overhead 11:23

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