Wednesday 100303

Three rounds for time:

400m Run

12 Sumo deadlifts, 255#/165#

21 Toes-to-bar

Post time to comments.

Zercher must have been strong, nice work Jack

This is the month of food.  So 9 days down, 20 days and 22 hours left.  How is everyone doing?  I received over 30 food logs this weekend and was impressed on how strict everyone is being.  Keep it up you're almost through it.  In order to keep everyone eating at least a bit of variety, I have another super easy, will feed you all week, recipe.  You can add fresh veggies and make this a little more gourmet, but based off of all your food logs, the easier the better.

"If I wanted to cook, I would have been a chef, chicken curry"



30 oz Chicken breast (30P)
15 cups frozen stir fry vegetables (15C) 
1.25 cups lite coconut milk (15F)
2 TBSP Curry powder 


Cook the chicken, this can be grilled, pan or broil.  Dump the veggies into a large skillet and start sauteing.  Chicken and veggies will get done around the same time, drain the water our of the veggies.  Cut the chicken into cubes and add to the veggies.  Add the coconut milk and curry powder.  Boil, stir and done! 

Zone Exchange:

1.3 cups is equal to 3P, 1.5C and 1.5F.  In the above picture I added 1 plum (1C), 0.25 orange (0.5C), and 5 almonds (1.5F) to make a complete 3 block meal.  Put the whole container the fridge.  0.45 is equal to 1P, 0.5C and 0.5F, enjoy!

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  1. Michael Wyman :

    Matt, Cherie, and the rest of the Trainers- keep up the good work. There’s several players on the Ft Collins rugby team that know of your box and have been to your site. Wy.

  2. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Does anyone know of a site or book that has “travel” paleo recipes? I have a small frig and antique microwave that barely works to cook with in my room on base and after all the Paleo goodies I made at the grandparents, I’m not lookin forward to processed foods at the chow hall.

  3. Courtney :

    Jeff, I have searched high and low for good paleo recipe cookbooks, if you go online to you might have some luck. you have to pay to subscribe to the site but you will have access to over 300 recipes, I have not yet forked over the money but they appear to have a very large variety. Hope that helps.

  4. Matt :

    Cherie and I use the paleo cookbooks religiously. They are written by Scott Hagnas. If zoning, you’ll need to bump down the fat a bit on each meal though.

  5. Victoria :

    weird this is the exact dinner I had last night! Sooo Good! I even added some coconut flakes on top. Yum Yum

  6. Cherie :

    Thanks WY…. Have you ever watched murderball? If not check it out and inspiring Rugby movie.

  7. Jack :

    Am I challenging some one to a frowning contest in that picture? … I think I won…

  8. Yum! I want to do this but perhaps without the curry part. I go back and forth on the curry. I blame my great aunt. She forced it on me.

  9. Danimal :

    Jack, you essentially frowned your face off. I pity your frowning face opposition…. those poor sunsabitches

  10. bk :

    bk scaled 225# on SHDL, rest as rx’d 15:37

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