Wednesday 100317

Ten rounds for time:

15 Deadlifts, 135#/85#

15 Push-ups

Post time to comments.

David snatchin' after sundown

The Zone Meal Treasure Chest

A sound nutritional plan sends markers of health in the right direction and prevents sickness.  A solid meal should make you feel more focused and full of energy, in addition to satisfying your hunger.  In other words, you should feel "in the Zone."  Being in the Zone is simply finding the right combination, quality, and quantity of marconutrients and timing the meal well – resulting in a beautiful harmonious balance of hormones.

This ideal meal is not going to be the same for everyone.  By following Zone parameters for your body composition, you've only started your path to wellness.  A Zone meal for one person may not be ideal for everyone.  For instance, when I have a meal consisting of 4oz sliced turkey, 2 apples, and 12 almonds – I know that this meal will leave me hungry.  Yet, if I have 4oz sliced turkey, 2 cups of steamed broccoli, 3/4 of a cantelope, and 12 almonds – I feel like dy-na-mite!

What I'd like you to do is create a little treasure chest (a shoebox would do) of Zone meals that make you feel great.  This meal should also have a time of day associated with it, i.e. breakfast, post workout, late-night snack…  As you build a menu of Zone treasures, your ability to live in the Zone becomes easier and easier.  This will result in long life of perfect performance, balanced hormones, and high levels of energy.  Okay, totally exaggerating, but you get the idea.

Monday is the last day for the Paleo Challenge – did you use your cheat day or are you going to make it 30 days?


  1. James :

    Are you challenging me to not use my cheat meal? This is like when you tell me that I only have to do 10 more reps and when I get to rep 8, you say, “c’mon, only 7 more reps,” isn’t it?
    Well, I’m not falling for it. I’ve earned my cheat and come Saturday night, I’m going to D Bar and I’m ordering this
    And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

  2. Dan Y :

    James, there are some women around who will murder you for posting something like that when they can’t eat it.

  3. Amanda K. :

    I’m not looking at that link! I’ve been to D Bar and it’s yummy.
    I’m holding strong! Monday’s not that far. Plus this weekend is gonna rock! Gotta be fired up to support!

  4. Greg B :

    Cheating is weak, I am not weak I am getting stronger every day. Oh yeah thanx for the killer ab stuff th other day Cherie I have to think ahead and almost have help to get out of bed they hurt so good!

  5. All I see are 2 apples on a plate. I don’t see junk food anymore. Paleo has changed my ability to see bad food. I don’t even know what it is anymore. I am superhuman. Who are the weirdos who want to do this thing called cheating? Pfft!!!

  6. Justin :

    Here are props to all the Verve athletes. Even though I’m still meeting new faces every workout in my 2nd full month with Verve, I already love it, the community, and the people who comprise our dynamic group are awesome. Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and just for being cool people. Best of luck to those competing this weekend and to the Cavemen and Cavewomen out there.
    After the 99% vs 100% post, I feel I must publicly confess I have failed the Paleo Challenge this time around due to a week long bout with a strep like cold. I ate some noodles from soup and drank milk. I will however continue on with a Paleo Zone diet from here on out and I ask Cherie to keep on me as I’ve seen the results of other athletes and am amazed.
    Keep up the great work all.

  7. Greg B :

    Justin there is no failure. Only days that you are better than other moments. Put it in the past and keep rocketing forward. No one is perfect, we all have moments of challenge.

  8. bk :

    bk as rx’d 13:23

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