Wednesday 100414

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

12 Unbroken push press, 95#/65#

15 Unbroken box jumps, 24"/20"

Post rounds to comments.


CFV Mountain Sectional Athlete Profile: Daniel Young

Dan has been doing CrossFit for years, we aren't really sure how long, but we'd gues he came out of the womb doing deadlifts. This was not his first CrossFit competition and we suspect there will be many more. 

WOD results: 

Row/Swing/Run 13:41 Rx 37th place
Snatch/Muscle-up 175#, 36 MU, 27th place
Squat clean/pull-up/box jumps 5.07 rounds Rx 21th place

Dan finished in the top 30, landing 22nd place overall with a total of 85 points and is qualified to compete in the CrossFit Regional Games this May.

Congratulations Dan!


  1. Dan :

    I heart you crossfit verve!

  2. Sara :

    I heart you honey! Congratulations! So proud of you <3

  3. gerson :

    Dan The Man ef’en Young… right on homie!

  4. That is incredible! You are a strong man, Danimal!!!

  5. derek :

    That is an awesome pic, Dan is a monster and has helped me out so much with crossfit, and he always pushes himself so hard. Dan is the man

  6. Andy :


  7. Excellent job you! Look at those muscles!

  8. MJ :

    all I have to say about this picture is….WTF DAN!! thats baaaad ass!!

  9. Jack :

    I think I read somewhere than Dan feasts on the hearts of sons of less fit clans. Not sure though…

  10. Tiffany :

    siiiick! dan….you ROCK. seriously.

  11. Courtney :

    I have to agree with everyone else on the badassery of the photo. I love working out with you, you rock Dan!!

  12. Sherry :

    I’m so proud of you Dan! For the record… Dan didn’t actually come out of the womb doing deadlifts, and I’m so glad about that! However, he has ALWAYS been challenging himself since he was an infant, (really!) In 5th grade he chose to run 2 miles to school and back rather than ride the bus, just for the fun of it…. And he often scared me with his physical antics and trips to the hospital, like jumping out of TALL trees onto the trampoline, swinging across the creek, and propelling Jared across the room (breaking his elbow.) He was born an adventurous Danimal. 😉 Love you honey.

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