Wednesday 100505

Dynamic effort box squats

12 X 2 reps at 50% to 60% of 1RM

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Regionals team 2010 
Team Verve placed 4th in the running event,(team members not pictured Joylyn and Mas).

Congratulations to all who competed this last weekend.  Your spirit and athleticism never cease to amaze us!

-Deep thoughts by James Whitmire

I referred to his work at the regionals as “awe-inspiring” and Matt Chan, in typically humble fashion replied, “Thanks James. They’re just workouts!”

Yes and no.  Yes, they’re workouts. But calling them “just workouts” denigrates them and the effort put into completing them.  Maybe to non-Crossfitters, they’re just workouts.  But to us, they’re much more than that. They’re challenges.

Look, there are a lot of people in life who avoid challenges like a plague. You know them, I know them. They’re either afraid of failure, afraid of success, or afraid of putting forth the effort to find out whether they’ll fail or succeed. 

But I don’t know any Crossfitters like that.  Crossfitters see that challenge thrown at them on the website or the whiteboard and they respond. They might be scared, they might question themselves, but they will take on that challenge.  They might fail, they might succeed, they might throw up, but they will take on that challenge.  That’s what makes us Crossfitters. We like that challenge because we like seeing what we’re made of. Because it’s only when we find out what we’re made of that we can figure out how to make ourselves more.

Matt, your challenge is to be the fittest man on the planet.  The reason you impressed us this weekend wasn’t because you smoked that horrific chipper in 6:35. It was because you looked deep into the heart of that challenge and trained and ate and foam rolled and planned and cooked and weighed and measured and slept and lifted and stretched and focused and learned and breathed and worked and did everything you could and kicked that challenge’s ass.  Well done.

Now do it again in California!

Matt regionals
Matt praying before his PR 325# Clean & Jerk. 


  1. Dan :

    If I didn’t know Matt I’d swear that belt was squeezing him so hard his veins were bulging out… but we all know they just do that.

  2. Jeff "CueBall" :

    This hit home as I fought tonight’s WOD. Due to shoulder injury, I pulled 900M, 1 armed and kept about 2:05-2:15 pace. Although I suck at DUs so they weren’t big numbers.
    I’m determined to heal quickly and then step into the ring with the Verve fire breathers one day. Just like any son who wants to challenge his Pops, I’m lookin to one day take on the man who makes Chuck Norris cry…. Matt Chan!

  3. Jared :

    James – Thanks for the inspiring perspective and excellent illustration of our “challenges” – Well said. I have referred to our constant and daily challenges as “James Bond Missions”… =)
    Matt, you are an extraordinary example of commitment and discipline. We are so lucky to be in the same community and part of what you are inspired by.
    Congratulations on a great year of competition for everyone else that competed. Thank you for representing yourselves and our community.
    3.2.1. Gone.

  4. Matt :

    James, humble? Not me… Oversimplified maybe. Humble… I don’t know about that.
    I’d love to hear about the box squats and acceleration under force. What do ya think?

  5. Jack :

    Chalk CLEARLY makes you stronger… Just kidding. Great post James. Great job Matt.
    I haven’t done the workout yet, but acceleration under force is an interesting concept. From my perspective, an increased load/band resistance in a movement like a squat develops your body’s ability to generate power and transfer energy through motion. In my opinion, this hits the core of athleticism, stability and grace… Alright back to the ten key… I lose.

  6. MikELeet :

    Jeff, Damn Glad to have you with us!
    Short and sweet – I disagree,sort of, but I will get to that…
    Just as the love we make is equal to the love we take, the effort we put in is equal to the results we get, and as Cherie so aptly put the other day, I don’t know of a harder working man.
    And I would like to think that maybe Matt might just be right – they are just workouts just as my bike rides are just rides, DUs are just DUs, OHS are just OHSs for as soon as they become something more, pride enters into the mix, and no good will ever become of that.
    And I also think there really is no such thing as the fittest – for as soon as Mikko Salo or Tanya Wagner were named fittest man/fittest woman, someone fitter stood up and asked to be counted.
    For me, the best definition of humility comes from the bible; it preserves the soul in tranquility (Ps. 69:32, 33), and makes us patient under trials (Job 1:22). And isn’t that what CrossFit is about, really. Have patience, be tranquil in mind, body and spirit: Eat right, WOD right, Have passion. Be fit, not for the moment, not just for OHSs, but for LIFE.
    Anyways, it all just reminds me of that quote, “On the road of life there are passengers …”.
    To my inspirations; Matt, Cherie, Zac, Cherisa, Steve, Dan, my pops, my cat, my friend Thai – to name a few. Thanks for taking the wheel.

  7. Sandie and Rich Hoover :

    Matt Chan – you are an inspiring athlete, wonderful friend, devoted husband, and well rounded role model for many CrossFitters. Congratulations on another amazing performance!

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