Wednesday 100526 ON

Four rounds for time:

Run 400m

50 Squats

Compare to July 20th, 2009

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Maintain midline stability in a handstand is as difficult as with a heavy press. 

So let's talk about "core strength" for a moment, shall we?  The role that the abs and the erectors play in our body is a simple one – to stabilize your spine.  When we lift something off the ground, we utilize our abdominals and erectors to sandwich our spine in a neutral, but safe position.  Lacking strength in either of these two areas result in a potential for injury.  So why the heck don't we do more ab and low back work?

Well, to address this concern, please take a moment to think about the workout that we did on Monday – you remember: SP, PP, PJ & FS, BS, DL.  Do you remember thinking how much your low back was burning during the squats, or how difficult it was to keep your ribs down in the presses?  That's because each of these movements required midline stability, or "core strength". 

We utilize the functional movements to develop midline stability.  With that said, there is no harm in spending a little extra time before or after a WOD doing a little accessory work.  We recommend building a capacity at movements like the hip extension and the AbMat sit-up and then moving forth with more difficult movements like the back extension, reverse hyper extension, and GHD sit-up to parallel.  We'll be reviewing each of these movements during class today.

A classic vid of today's WOD, featuring our own Coach Zac!


  1. derek :

    Zac’s squats were better, cool video

  2. Jeff "CueBall" :

    How cool is it to watch classic CF vids and see one of our coaches in it?!?! As for the after effects of this WOD… looks like I’ll be walkin funny at my store for a couple days!

  3. Blake :

    All I can say is that’s a monster time, Zac.

  4. Nice! Battle of the baldies! hehe…

  5. Justin :

    So in lieu of this workout, I moved 1212 liters of potting soil & cow-compost for my mother’s garden in 16 min 23.4 sec from the truck to the garden a little over 40 yards carrying all 30 bags on my shoulders. I did the rough calculations and performed 2200 ft-lbs/sec of intensity (2564.7 kcal/hr). Therefore, in comparison using my body mass I would have had to do today’s WOD in just over 9 minutes.

  6. Nice Justin! Hehe… My time was 18:04 (Running. Need I say more?)

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