Wednesday 100616

For time:

Row 2,000m
50 Wall ball shots

Row 1,000m
35 Wall ball shots

Row 500m
20 Wall ball shots

Post time to comments.


The 5:30pm class rollin' it out like good boys and girls.

Okay, so this is a quick go to meal when we are short on time.  It's not only quick to make but refreshing and crisp, perfect for summertime gatherings.  If you've got a handy food processor, it's lightening fast to make.

It's paleo-friendly, it's zone-friendly……you can add some fruit or other veggies to balance out your carbs for a perfect meal! 

Chix Curry Salad


  • 12 oz leftover or rotisserie chicken, shredded or cubed (12P)
  • 2.5 cups red bell pepper, chopped (2C)
  • 2 cups celery, chopped (1C)
  • 1/2 oz sliced almonds (5F)
  • 1/8 cup raisins–I like the golden ones (1.6C)
  • 1 T homemade mayonnaise (see recipe below) (7.33F)
  • 1 T curry powder–freebie and oh so good for you!
  • pepper to taste


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and serve.  Adjust the mayonnaise to meet your fat requirements.  This makes 4 servings at roughly 3P, 1C, 3F.  ENJOY!


  1. James :

    But Wednesday is my day off!

  2. Matt :

    You know the deal James – M,T,W on. Th off. F,Sa on. Su off. If not, wait and see what Th has to offer. Chances are you won’t be dissapointed.

  3. Slaughter :

    i want to eat the sunflower.

  4. Lynn :

    The workout today was GREAT! Dead last for me, but great! I love it when my muscles are quaking during the workout and about an hour later there is this zen like calmness in my body. superb.

  5. Dan Y :

    Oh man, I gotta say Matt. I’m wrecked after yesterday’s WOD. I knew it’d be a hard one but didn’t expect to have trouble getting out of bed. NICE

  6. Tanja :

    slaughter – dooooo ittttt! 😀
    p.s. – 5 mos and finally made it into a photo on the verve site (yes, that tiny person in the far far background is me)! i feel like i’ve finally arrived, heehee!

  7. Matt :

    Uh… my legs don’t work.

  8. Jake :

    next time I row that much there better be some water.. or at least someone spritzing me in the face with water.. ok.

  9. James :

    I feel your pain, Matt. Did you beat Mikko’s time?

  10. J-$ :

    Rowmaster 5000 and Cherie–thanks for the encouragement on the wod today. It’s tough coming back from being all sickly–but it feels good to be back. I needed to move around and stop feeling like a slug….still felt like a slug, but at least a moving one.

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