Wednesday 100811


Three rounds, 21 – 15 – 9 for time of:

Squat cleans, 135#/95#

Ring dips

Post time to comments.

3rd placeJenBethanyCat
Jen, Bethany and Cat take third place at the " Beti Bike Bash",  put on by Yeti Beti as Colorado's first women only mountain biking race

Emmalee Moore took 1st place at the Police and Fire Toughest Competitor Alive Challenge, this last Monday.

I’ll take care of me for…um…well…ME – By Emmalee Moore

I competed in the Police and Fire Games Toughest Competitor Alive challenge in Breckenridge hosted by the CPFFA on Monday. It was 8 events: 5K hilly run at 9,600 feet, Shot Put event, 100m Sprint shuttle run, 100m swim, 20’ legless rope climb, max bench press, max strict pull ups, and an obstacle course.
Two years ago (pre-Crossfit era, as I like to call it) I would have never signed up for this kind of thing, but I did and it was a slow start, but I pulled ahead and took First Place. First out of how many you ask? It doesn’t matter but four would be the total number of girls in the competition this year.  Two years ago 5 out of 8 events would have me hiding in the corner. Coming from a Gymnastics background of 15+ years the three I would never second guess – all the upper body events: pull ups, bench and rope climb.  The running and the swimming were the worst for me I even joked around about wearing a sign on my back that said “Man I thought I was slow!” Joking around about it makes me feel more comfortable with just about how uncomfortable I am about to become.

It’s not that Crossfit has taught me how to swim over the last 18 months (I haven’t attended many swim wods), nor has it made my 5k world record status, and without a doubt the shot put is not a functional movement, so Crossfit did not help me toss the 8lb ball Olympic style fashion nestled tightly against by jaw. It’s worked magic on building my confidence, almost from the ground up.  When I was 18 years old I tested for a fire department – one of my very first Firefighter physical agility tests.  It was a disaster!  I almost didn’t make the time cut off (3 seconds to spare) and they had to have an IV put in me before they would allow me to do the walk of shame to my car. I was so embarrassed I don’t know how many people ever knew that story, but I wasn’t always the person I am today. Six years ago I wouldn’t have attempted putting myself on the spot to test my physical abilities, nor expect to ever win anything, now I can’t get enough of the thrill.

Yes, I still dread a 5k run and a 10k run reeks of pure misery. Yes, I fear I have better chance of drowning then I do every swimming a full 100m without stopping. I also fear that life will throw you curve balls you can’t expect, and can’t even imagine at the time.

During the competition, I had the pleasure of witnessing a Chief from a local Metro Fire Department, 51 years young, this guy was an inspiration. This Chief did 14 or 15 strict pull ups, he did 2 ascents with no feet up a 20’ rope; the second attempt was to beat his prior time. I just couldn’t help but think about this Chief and his wife whom was there supporting him through every pull up, every stroke, and every step that he’s taking care of himself for her. Little did I know there was a back story behind this Chief and his fitness accomplishments involving an accident 6-ish years ago that nearly ended his life.  Could this be why he lives the way he does? Could this be that thing that drives him to be the fittest 51 year old badass Fire Chief I have had the pleasure of meeting?

Possibly, I know that shear embarrassment drove me to change my ways and build my confidence, increase my motivation and become my very own badass! Sorry it took 6 years, but there are many more to come!

This weekend got me stoked about the Police and Fire Games; I have heard there are WORLD competitions every 2 years, 2011 New York and then 2013 Ireland!  Like I said 6 years ago you wouldn’t see me competing on a physical domain, but watch out WORLD HERE I COME!

Take Care of me,

My first glimpse of Emmalee's dedication, CrossFit Verve 11/2008.


  1. greg b :

    It almost seems unfair. Emalee is just another unfair example. I see all of you and see the smiles and the confidence that radiates. The strength and the power every one of you have. Then to make it totally unfair you are all so damn nice and supportive of others trying to get from where you were to where you are. By the time some of us get there you will be even further ahead. Thanx for every one of you that is a role model an inspiration and just way to stinkin cool to comprehend! Yes Emalee that means you too!

  2. Dom :

    Congrats Emmalee!! Thanks for sharing your journey. You are a studly female. I look forward to working out with you:)

  3. Heather S :

    Fantastic! What an accomplishment! Count me in for the 2013 Ireland Cheering section!!!!!!!

  4. Michael :

    Verve girls are rad
    Nothing like em – thanks for being there, giving it your all and sharing your life with me one wod at a time.

  5. Matt :

    Proud Emmalee… couldn’t be happier for you. Keep up the good work, as it pays off in the strangest of ways.
    Oh yeah, “Elizabeth” – favorite of the 21-15-9 girls. Never gets old.

  6. Joylyn :

    YaY Ladies!
    Bethany, Jen B, and Cat = awesome trio, so cool!
    Emmalee, Congrats! Between Courtney last year and you this year, how sweet is that? Verve is well represented by you fine women every day. So excited for you!

  7. Courtney :

    Congrats to all you ladies for showing off how all your hard work pays off. I’m proud of everyone who sees a challenge and then signs up to face it head on. Ververs have done some amazing things this summer, Congratulations!!!!

  8. Slaughter :

    Crossfit chicks rock. no joke. very proud of all of you and ecstatic to see you taking care of yourselves for the rest of us!

  9. Freakin’ awesome! Congrats! Very proud to know you and the rest of the badass Ververs. Nothing compares!

  10. robyn :

    Congrats to all you freaking awesome badasses! I feel so lucky and inspired to belong to such a fabulous bunch of women and men that I get to see push themselves and each other to new levels all the time:) Cheers to everyone’s hard work B->
    Can’t wait til the CO Open!!!!!

  11. Hey Warrior Dashers! My place to stay for free fell through in Copper. I have a line on a condo that would cost $95 total (cost to clean). My wave is on Sat @ either 11am or 1pm (can’t recall right now). Who’s in?!

  12. CC :

    Never once have I not been happy to see all four of these women. Thanks ladies for making my days brighter…

  13. gerson :

    Solid… Cat, Jen B -n- Bethany!
    Congrats Coach E on takin’ it!

  14. Jason W. :

    Emmalee, you were awesome it was great meeting you at the games…Melody says Hi! and we hope you are doing great! AWESOME JOB!!
    Jason and Melody

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