Wednesday 100818

Six rounds for time:

10 Push jerks, 115#/75#
20 Sit-ups

Sit-ups will be completed with feet anchored and no AbMat.  Range of motion requirement is that hands touch the ground over shoulders and hands touch anchors in the up position.

Post time to comments.

Cherie doing some accessory work post-WOD.  Are you working your weaknesses? 

Here fishy fishy!  – By: Joylyn Godinez

Okay, so let's talk about fish.  It's full of omega-3's right?  What are they again?  Well, omega-3 fatty acids, or polyunsaturated fatty acids, are crucial to human health but can't be produced by our bodies.  The "good fats" that make up omega-3 work for your body, fighting against disease.  They act to reduce triglycerides (fats that can cause heart disease) in the bloodstream and re-balance the ratio of "bad cholesterol" (LDL, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes) with high-density cholesterol (HDL).  Omega-3 also reduces inflammation and promotes brain function along with normal growth and development.  BAM– it's a super food people!

Though they are crucial to human health, they can't be produced by our bodies; therefore, we must obtain omega-3 through food.  There are two kinds of omega-3 most readily usable by our bodies–eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA.)  Fish is known to be an excellent source of omega-3.  But, wait!  Are there some kinds of fish that are healthier and contain higher EPA/DHA content than others?  Whaaaaaa?

Cold water fish with darker flesh such as salmon, mackerel, herring and anchovies are the most valuable sources of omega-3's.  More specifically–salmon tops the list, with herring and tuna right behind it.  Some types of trout are also very high in omega-3. However, tilapia and catfish have very low amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. What's more, catfish are loaded with toxins, since these fish subsist on waste.

When it comes to omega-3's, there is a marked difference between farm-raised and wild-caught fish.  A study conducted by the USDA (1988-1990) compared the nutrient profiles of the leading species of wild and cultivated fish and shellfish. Three species of fish that contain beneficial omega 3 fats were included: catfish, rainbow trout, and coho salmon.  An overview provided several interesting notes:

  • Farm-raised fish are fattier, especially containing more pro-inflammatory omega-6 fats.
  • Farm-raised fish provide less usable omega-3 fats than their wild counterparts.
  • Farm-raised fish accumulate more cancer-causing PCB's and toxic dioxins than wild-caught fish.
  • In 1997, the EU's Scientific Committee on Food recognized a link between retinal problems and canthaxanthin intake–which is fed to farmed salmon to give them their pink hue, versus wild-caught salmon, which absorb natural carotenoids from eating pink krill.

So next time you're trying to choose what to make for dinner, consider baking, broiling, grilling, pickling, or catching some fish!


  1. CC :

    Folks – I asked Matt not to post anymore pictures of me. He said he was now going to post one everyday. If this ends up being the case – I am sorry! 🙁

  2. greg b :

    Strong women are beautiful. And you are no exception CC.

  3. Heather S :

    You are a superb role model!!
    Great article on fish…the good news, I have had wild alaska salmon for the last four days in a row!!!!

  4. tiffany :

    i <3 this pic. badass! fun new fish info as well! =)

  5. bk :

    bk 135lb, 11:33

  6. Brian :

    RX’d…PJ’s from floor…5:34

  7. Slaughter :

    Haha Cherie,
    It’s all good! Pics of you aren’t that bad, keep em comin!
    My shoulders are fried for the past 2 weeks, keep the shoulder work coming 😛

  8. Matt :

    Is anyone or does anyone have a friend that is a structural engineer? We have some questions about our new pull-up bar design for the new space.

  9. greg b :

    Matt- make sure it is strong I plan on challenging the structural integrity of all of the Verve equipment over the next year…

  10. Slaughter :

    <--Architectural Engineer, Whatcha need? I'll talk to Cherie today.

  11. Potts :

    Looks like the tester for Slaughter’s math skills should be Greg B then, eh? THIS IS WAR!!! Bring it!!! Oh it’s BRUNG.
    OK, obviously bored and found access to a computer. *ahem*

  12. Potts :

    Oh and it’s a crying shame I can’t get on board with the fish thing. Smelly. I can do skrimp and shelly ones that aren’t fishy…

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