Wednesday 100826

"Test 3"

Tabata squat

Then, max reps of muscle-ups in 4:00 minutes

The tabata interval is :20 seconds of work followed by :10 seconds of rest for eight intervals. Your tabata score is the lowest number of reps completed in the eight intervals. Begin time for the muscle-ups immediately after the :10 second rest after the eighth interval. Total score equals tabata score multiplied by the number muscle-ups completed.

Post total score to comments.

How Fit Are You? – Greg Glassman


  1. Jack :


  2. Julian : by K-Star
    These are great.

  3. Slaughter :

    yay matt!!!

  4. lynn :

    Matt, how do you make it look like a piece of cake….??? I’m certain I don’t do that 🙂 Hoping I can get back in a walking boot next week!!!

  5. Dan Y :

    omg, that video is siiiiiiick!

  6. Cueball :

    Matt that is f’n epic and inspirational!!! I’m proud to call you my trainer!

  7. Jill-CrossFit Thin Air :

    Thanks for posting this! After watching it about 6 times, I had my best snatch workout ever!

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