Wednesday 100901

Hang muscle clean 3×5 reps @ 25%, 30%, 35% 1RM clean
Tall clean 5×1 reps @ ~45% 1RM clean

Power clean 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Post power clean load to comments.

Colorado Open Event 1 – video by Chris Slaughter

Shoes – By Anna Anderson

A common question heard in a Crossfit gym, “What are the best types of shoes for CrossFit?”  So what is the importance of a shoe?  A few things come to mind.  They are there to protect your feet be it from rocks, pavement, falling weights, etc.  Some, like the Nike Corporation would argue they improve performance. Really?

There is an ongoing debate, if you will, regarding minimalist shoes versus barefoot.  To clarify minimalist shoes are those that are flatter, less material involved, basic shoe like the Vibram 5 finger or Nike Free.  Some experts are starting to agree, shoes may leave the athlete more prone to injury.  One such expert, Daniel Liberman, a biologist has spent a lot of time dedicated to studying the human body in response to evolution.  His argument regarding shoes versus barefoot, are those shoes that are made with cushiony heels, may encourage poor running technique.  Ultimately, defeating the foot’s anatomical design.  


The foot is designed to absorb impact on the pad of the foot, forward part of the foot. The arch is there to act as a spring for natural suspension and balance of weight.  Highly padded shoes, especially in the heel, make the athlete run and absorb the impact through the heel, sabotaging the body’s natural suspension.  Also elevated heels tend to make you less balanced allowing for rolling of the ankles.

Mike Burgener, an Olympic lifting coach suggests wearing oly shoes simply for a stable platform if nothing else.  Ultimately, Crossfitters should wear whatever makes them feel comfortable in order to perform.  “Whether you wear oly shoes to run a 400m sprint or snatch in your running shoe, wear them….” Chuck Carswell, level 1, level 2 HQ trainer.  Pay attention to your numbers, times, etc, these can be an indication of what works best regarding foot wear and the activity.  Also, be comfortable with adaptation, don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable, you may have to run in Oly shoes, or lift in Nike frees, adjust and adapt.


  1. Matt :

    This video captures the essence of that first WOD. Great job Chris… thanks for sharing.

  2. robyn :

    Awesome video Slaughter, I just relived that event and it was better the second time, not having to work as hard:) Keep ’em coming…can’t wait to see the next 3 WODS!

  3. McKenna :

    Incredible job Slaughter, so good to have you there and pushing all of us through the wods and taking all the great video. Another great addition Verve.

  4. Saweeet! Thanks Slaughter!

  5. Nick Holmes :

    I warm up with 5 minutes of barefoot jumprope (mixing doubles, singles, and crosses).
    After that, I’ve got 3 choices:
    1. for olympic lifting, and wods containing olympic movements without running, I wear Adidas Rod Lavers (a la Chris Spealler)
    2. For pretty much everything else – running, squats, deadlifts, box jumps, wall ball — I wear my 5 fingers
    3. If my feet are sore, or if there are dynamic movements changing direction, I wear Nike Frees.

  6. Slaughter :

    I like to wear my sketchers shape-ups, because those shoes will make me more fit by walking around feeling unstable. I will repeat Anna’s wonderful comment by saying….. REALLY?
    Screw laziness.
    P.S. I also wear 5 fingers for most everything, long distance running will make my calves tight (that’s how I know I’m running well).
    I’ve heard very good thing’s about Nike Free’s

  7. Joei :

    Awesome video Slaughter! You rock!!!

  8. Joei :

    Also- CONGRATS to all the competitors! You are all amazing and not only worked so hard to get where you are, but inspire people like me everyday. It takes so much hard work, dedication, and confidence to compete. You are all incredible and I feel fortunate to have been able to watch and be apart of your success!

  9. Matt :

    I love all sorts or shoes, but the commonality in my shoes is minimal rubber/foam. I have track spikes, XC flats, general workout shoes (converse & vans), and lifting shoes. If traveling, I bring only my converse – bc they’re the most versatile.
    Who has registered for the usaw/cf weightlifting meet? I have some paperwork I need to give you. If you are going to register, call me. Btw, although it’s going cost around $140 to enter the meet – it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. I highly recommend it.

  10. Jack :

    I try to be more like a caveman. This is why I work out naked sans shoes. Sorry to all those who bear witness…

  11. Blake :

    Slaughter, Thanks so much for the video. Cant wait to see the other WODs replayed.

  12. Andy :

    Deadlifting with Jack = Semi-Traumatizing
    Thanks for all the weekend pics, vids, and moral support, Slaughter! You are a media machine.

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