Wednesday 100908

As many rounds as possible in 15:00 minutes of:

10 Dumbell snatches (5 each arm), 40#/25#

10 Knees to elbows

Compare to: 100328

Post rounds and additional reps to comments.

Look who got married, Josh and his beautiful bride.

Are you motivated to workout today?

A tricky subject for sure.  Motivation is not always something you can tap into.  One method may work one day and fail to get you excited for a workout the next.  So how do elite athletes keep motivated and stay in the game, day after day?

This is for sure a very personal subject.  Some people like specific music, some like to workout at a specific time of day or with specific partners, some like to be wearing a specific pair of shorts.  What ever it is, there are things that help and there are those things that hurt our motivation to stay in the game. 

Six things that are sure to squash anyones motivation:

  • Negativity (my all time favorite is when an athlete makes a personal record at the gym and immediately follows it up with how it should have been faster or heavier). 
  • I can’t, won’t or am afraid to thoughts. 
  • Unrealistic expectations (I will do handstand push-ups in 6 months even though I’m doing regular push-ups on my knees now). 
  • Comparing your efforts/times to others (this can be highly motivating in the right context). 
  • Not logging progress, lifts etc. ( no way to track successes).  
  • Not having goals, long term and very short term (not knowing where you’ve been or where you are going is very uninspiring).

Six things that keep us motivated:

  • Visualizing success.
  • Making a routine workout schedule that is nonnegotiable.
  • Personal records (which means we have to log our progress to know when we’ve accomplished something new).
  • Surrounding yourself with healthy individuals with similar athletic goals.
  • Being accountable to someone for meeting your goals/schedule, hold yourself responsible.
  • Having goals and a realistic plan to reach them.

So what if you still aren’t motivated.  What I’ve learned is that, you won’t always be, but that doesn’t have to have to get in the way of getting into the gym and getting the work done.  Be consistent and the goals will be accomplished.


  1. Mas :

    Yeahh!!! Congrats to the beautiful couple!

  2. Dan Y :

    Awesome! Congrats!

  3. Slaughter :

    that is one hot couple!
    and a beautiful dress to boot.
    This is a cool post; I’ll add my 2 cents just because.
    I know I’m weird, but logging my workouts actually demotivates me: working out feels like homework more so than something I enjoy when I start to log everything I do. That is not to say i never write stuff down (usually the benchmark girls).
    Making a workout schedule is nonnegotiable also demotivates me. When I’ve done that in the past I feel negativity towards myself for missing something due to other circumstances such as a long time friend comes into town or something like that. Life changes every day and I can’t always predict it. I want to workout, and if my intended schedule happens to change then I just get positively amped up to be able to hit it hard the next day and let my schedule adapt.

  4. Dan Y :

    Hey Matt, NICE SINGLET!!!!
    How about this:
    Just so everybody knows Matt and Cherie are on the main site.

  5. Courtney :

    Congratulations Josh to you and your new wife!!!!
    The video of Matt and Cherie on the main page might be the defining reason I love knowing them both, too funny. . . bonus was all the very useful information gained about singlets, I feel I can now make a much more informed singlet decision.

  6. Donna :

    Re Singlets: They should change the name – it’s just gross. Even onesie would be better. Nice onesies, Matt and Cherie.

  7. James :

    That video is awesome. My favorite part is Matt checking out his wife in a singlet, and then rubbing the shoulder straps on his singlet with a big shit-eating grin on his face.

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