Wednesday 100915

21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9 – 6 rep rounds for time of:

Walking lunge (each leg counts)

Kettlebell swings, 24kg/16kg


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The Whiteboard

The whiteboard is a CrossFit staple.  It's a way of keeping score, a way of recording PR's, it's a way of teaching, but best of all – it's a motivator.  Achieving an Rx next to your name is no easy feat and should not be taken lightly.  These workouts are programmed for very high level athletes in mind, so if you are able to complete a WOD as Rx'd, it's something to be proud of… every time.  

Most often, we scale workouts so that the athlete can complete the workout with the right blend of intensity and proper mechanics.  When we scale a workout, we'll often record how it was scaled – sometimes the weight is scaled, sometimes the reps, sometime even a movement will be substituted.  This is not something to be ashamed of, as this is what we expect 90% of our athletes to do – scale the workout to achieve high power output.

Another point of motivation on the whiteboard is when we write something like "ROM" or "MOD".  Sometimes when an athlete is mid-WOD, they have a hard time understanding cues such as, "Touch your chest to the ground" or "Crease of the hip below the knee".  In this case, athletes receive a ROM, because their range of motion sucks.  Sure the time might have been the fastest recorded for the day, but less work was completed. 

One thing's for sure, it's motivating to see what others are capable of.  The whiteboard is a record keeper and a story teller of what the human body is able to do.  Sometimes things on the whiteboard seem impossible at first glance.  What do you like to see on the whiteboard? 


  1. Slaughter :

    I like to see Andy’s time, and ALL the awesome people that come into the gym

  2. James :

    I like to see giraffe porn.

  3. Blake :

    I like to see Andy’s time and then try to get within a minute of it. I usually do not succeed(that should read I have never beat his time). I am also a big fan of Zac’s color schemes on the board and Cherie’s stick figures.

  4. Donna :

    I like to see that the 6 am class did double the amount of lunges required by this workout. 42-36-30-24-18-12. Just sayin.

  5. Sarah Lev :

    Zac is a whiteboard EXPERT! He is giving me lessons on how to write and which markers to use for when I am a teacher! And Donna I agree 🙂

  6. greg b :

    I like to see that there is a 6am class it reminds me that the 8am class is not that early.

  7. I like seeing the names of all my friends and The Dude kickin’ ass.

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