Wednesday 100921

Power clean 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 reps

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Nutrition changes lives, Amanda K.,  one year ago today! 

Sunday the 26th at 1pm, come in to Verve for our nutrition workshop free of charge to anyone interested in attending.  We offer this service because without a sound nutritional foundation from which to build your fitness, it's impossible to reach your optimal health and performance.  That's right – impossible! 


We've observed that every quantifiable measure of health that typically declines with age is improved by exercise.  Furthermore, these measures can be placed on a continuum that ranges from sickness to wellness to fitness.  From this view, fitness is seen to be a hedge against sickness.  Blood pressure, body fat, bone density, triglycerides, "good" and "bad" cholesterol, flexibility, and muscle mass each follow this pattern.  Done right, fitness provides a nice margin of protection against the ravages of time and disease.  Fitness is and should be "super-wellness". 

Exerpt from, May 28th, 2003.


  1. Slaughter :

    Didn’t we just do this workout like 3 weeks ago?

  2. Matt :

    Yep… We’re following main site programming and that’s what the hopper brought up. Here’s your chance to improve your 3RM power clean.
    Sometimes constantly varied means repeating the same WOD’s in a short time span. Real life does not allow you to fully recover before requiring you to perform demanding tasks. For instance, I deadlifted today, so I won’t be able to lift a stretcher on my job for at least 3 more days…
    Besides, the best programmers in the world love to throw a wrench in the spokes from time to time. Take a look at 12/31/2009 through 1/2/2010 on the archives. I think you’ll suck it up after seeing those days.

  3. Slaughter :

    I heart power cleans <3.
    Great explanation 🙂 I still hold true (and told someone this last night) that the programming at Verve is the best I have experienced to date.

  4. James :

    Ummmm. . . which main site programming are we following?

  5. Matt :

    THE main site… from a while back. Don’t look for it, as it will surely spoil the surprise (and unknown & unknowable nature of CF).

  6. James :

    Don’t look for it? Matt, you don’t know me very well, do you?

  7. Amanda you freakin’ ROCK! Way to go!

  8. McKenna :

    Yes Congrats to Amanda! When we benching again?

  9. Matt :

    5×3 reps to 285#. Felt good. Really happy to workout with the nooner class – thanks guys!

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