Wednesday 101020

Three rounds for max reps: 

Shoulder press, 95# (65#)

Push-press, 95# (65#)

Push jerk, 95# (65#)

Once shoulder press fails, move to push press and once push press fails, move to push jerk. Bar may not be put down during round.

Post total reps to comments.

Congratulations J. Kelly on joining the muscle up club.

Use it or lose it, why we deadlift

Lower back strength is an undeniable necessity in conditioning.  The ability to maintain a rigid lumbar spine under load is not only critical for power output but safety.  If you can deadlift 300lbs, getting a 60lb bag of dog food out of the car becomes a walk in the park.  

Deadlifting is HARD.  Many people do not like to do it or are fearful.  These are not adequate reasons not to do it, as back strength is necessary not only for preventing injury but for developing other lifts, sports and life


  1. Jack :


  2. Mike :

    i think you meant “push press,” not “push-ups”

  3. Rich :

    I didn’t do it and I lost it… Many things in life can pull you away from your workouts and it becomes easy to keep putting it off – it most certainly happened to me!!! I could not have made a better choice than to come back to the Verve to get it all back!

  4. Slaughter :

    MMM YEA GET SOME BACK! Jack is an animal and I want to throw major props to him yesterday for pushing it hard.
    Jason welcome to the best club in the world, I’m keeping my eye on you and you’re massive motor.

  5. Slaughter :

    P.S. is anybody doing the fall harvest weightlifting meet at FRCF?

  6. cherie :

    Thank you Mike – you are correct!
    Yes to the harvest open – Cherie

  7. Kim :
  8. Jack :

    Thanks Slaughter. Mad love, kid.

  9. Matt :

    Today’s WOD:
    Two bonus rounds completed to totally destroy whatever shoulders and triceps I had left. Total for 3 rds: (67/26/8)=101

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