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Weighted pull-ups

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Welcome to Verve Jacob, he comes from CrossFit Omaha.

Ground beef and marinara sauce go together just like peanut butter and jelly (Yummmm…).  Anyways, we built this master piece and wanted to shout from the top of our lungs on how good it is.  



  • 1lb of ground beef 16P
  • 4 bell peppers (red, green, yellow, orange, purple? Just making sure you are there) 4C
  • 2/3cup white onion chopped  1C
  • 3cups of low sugar content marinara sauce  6C
  • 24 Almonds crushed (place in a ziplock bag and crush with the marinara jar) 8F
  • 1 clove minced  Freebie
  • 4cups of spinach 1C
  • 1/2tsp red pepper flakes  Freebie
  • 1/2tsp of Mrs. Dash seasoning  Freebie 


Cook the ground beef, garlic, onions, and seasonings in a medium sized pan.  While the beef is cooking, prep your bell peppers; cut the tops off the peppers and core the inside.  Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees F  When beef has browned, drain the fat out of the pan.  Place the meat back on heat, add 2 cups of marinara, crushed red peppers and spinach cook for another 2 minutes.

Take the beef marinara mix off the stove.  Place the mix evenly into the four peppers.  Place the stuffed peppers in a pyrex that is sprayed with non-stick spray.  Place in the oven for 20 minutes to let the peppers blister.  

Place the peppers on a serving dish and cover with the remaining cup of marinara spread a 1/4cup over all four.  Uhh, can you say delicious!?! 

This recipe makes 16P, 12C, 8F.  If evenly seperated, this will make 4 meals at 4P, 3C, 2F.  Add some tasty guac or avos for additional fats. 

Top pepper 


  1. First of all, it is officially my two year anniversary of CrossFit Verve – Love Matt and Cherie with a passion.
    Second of all, I am excited to say that I am 26 and in the best shape of my life and that I get to say that for every single birthday I have for the rest of my Crossfit career ( so my entire life).
    I love you Verve!!!!

  2. Slaughter :

    yay Amy! See you Thursday!
    This is one of my favorite recipe

  3. Dave :

    Hey Jake! Glad to see you’re still hitting CrossFit out there. You’ll be missed in Omaha!

  4. James :

    Wow, Amy. That reminds me that I’m closing in on my two-year anniversary as well. I also love Matt and Cherie with a passion, but in Matt’s case, it’s more of a bro-hug type of manly love.
    In honor of Amy (and Verve’s belated) two year anniversary, may I suggest a snow WOD in Riverfront Park one of these days?

  5. Dan Y :

    Super fun today.
    James, snow WODs are no fun. Anybody remember the dumbell squat-clean-throws in the snow? Probably the most mentally challenging workout I’ve done at V. Or ever.

  6. stef :

    YES!!! James (my “foundations” buddy). We totally should celebrate Verve’s two year with a WOD at the Riverfront Park. Sweet idea!
    Chans… hello? 🙂

  7. Jake :

    I’m down for a few 400m runs on ice while it’s snowing.. just like we used to. the Chans also provided hand warmers so we could hold onto the bar… always thinking about us. That’s why we love them!

  8. Anna :

    Woo hoo Amy, we had our 2 year anniversary not too long ago as well. Glad your still sticking with it.
    Also want to give a shout out to the Chans for well…. everything!
    Dan that WOD was horrible, I remember those frozen weights. And the long “warm up” runs with med ball to the bridge! Love it, totally up for park wod in the snow!!!

  9. Matt :

    Congrats Amy, Anna, James, Stef……. It’s really all of your 2 year anniversaries. CrossFit Verve is officially 2, so get ready for the terrible twos. 2011 is going to be badass! Congrats friends – it’s been two great years with you.

  10. Jamey :

    This time last year I was nearing the end of foundations! I look up to all up you who have been with CrossFit Verve from the beginning. CrossFit, The Chans and all of you have changed my life!

  11. kiley :

    I say Park WOD too!!! Its my 2 year anniversary as well…..minus the 8 months I was gone, but that doesnt count!! SO proud to be part of Verve and cant wait to move into our new space 🙂

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