Wednesday 101201


Five rounds for time of:

Run 400m

30 Box jumps, 24"/20"

30 Wall ball shots, 20#/14#

Compare to: 100515

Post time to comments.

Sara Lew with a pretty darn good front rack position.


A different way to look at, well just about everything.  Gotta love TED! 


  1. James :

    I think Alan should have to wear a 20# vest for this WOD.

  2. I agree. I’ll say more like 30#.

  3. Slaughter :

    Nice form Sarah!!
    TED talks rock.
    I love girls

  4. Sara Lew :

    Let’s make a rule that all future posted pictures have to be cute.
    I heart CFV.

  5. robyn :

    Oh no you don’t Sara, i was on the site with an awesome face doing ring rows. your pic is way cuter than mine was.

  6. This WOD made me face that fun/suck cycle-actually it was Cherie but I forgive her-now. Results def don’t suck.
    Way to work it Lew!

  7. Joylyn :

    Sara Lew–AWESOME! Verve hearts you too!
    Kelly rx 31:33, over 4 min PR from the last time! Still sucked bad though, I’ll keep working on getting taller and faster –watch out minjas!

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