Wednesday 101222

For time:
21-15 and 9 rep rounds of:
Left-arm Kettlebell snatch, 24kg (16kg)
Right-arm Kettlebell snatch, 24kg (16kg)

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Anna, Alan, Leet, Kiley, Amanda, Matt, Greg, Cherie, Gerson spreading the holiday cheer.

Holiday Hours:

Closed Friday 24th 
Closed Saturday 25th
No evening classes Friday December 1st
Closed Saturday January 1st 

Please send un your winter sport pictures (, they make us happy! 


  1. CueBall :

    Had 1 bleeder and 3 puffers, should of kept up with maintenance of the hands….
    8:08 w/ 16kg – grip was suffering on PUs
    Knee Holds: 15# @ 15/30 sec, 10# @ 45 sec

  2. CueBall :

    Verve peeps.. you need to check this story out on CFJ! Very inspirational!

  3. Sarah Lev :

    Good last workout before gluttony sets in!! 10:03 RX!

  4. C Chan :

    YAY Sarah and I heard a black eye may be a result of your 8am?
    How are everyones legs?

  5. Courtney :

    Cherie, legs continue to feel fine. . . my abs however would like to share thier dislike with roll outs with you.
    8:44 RX. After several long discussions involving both power point and many hands on demos, the conclusion has been made. . . KB snatches and I are not friends. We have however left it open for reconciliation in the future.

  6. I was waddling yesterday. I was embracing my inner duck.
    Um and OH YEAH. CONGRATS to Blake and Mark for getting their first muscle ups last night!!!

  7. d :

    After a hot tub, lots of advil and fish oil, arnica, and lots of water, I am still waddling around. I’m going to check out happy hour tonight and see if that helps.

  8. Amanda K. :

    Cherie – spending lots of time with a lacrosse ball. Legs are starting to show some relief.

  9. Sarah Lev :

    I was in a handstand when said black eye might have happened…ipso facto I plead the fifth

  10. Blake :

    8:58rx, I have decided that my lower back will not allow me to do anymore KB snatches if I don’t start doing them with better form. Lev, my favorite latin phrase is “cogito ergo sum”

  11. CueBall :

    Josh is the one that might of had the black eye today… caught a foot in the snauze!

  12. Erin :

    So I can feel less horrible for dropping Slaughter? He’s nimble and has no bruising!

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