Wednesday 1101

Thruster 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post reps to comments.

Katie malone
Cortez the super winter sport dog of Katie Malone. Yay for winter pictures.

Nutrition lecture THIS Saturday at 2pm.  Be there!

Folks, sorry about our slacking on posts this week. We will be ready and continue to fill your minds with fitness gibberish soon enough.


  1. Scott Andrews :

    Bring on the gibberish!!! Digging your new digs very nice. We will have to come drop by for a workout when i get back stateside!

  2. Rich :

    Dang, Missing another nutrition lecture, I will be at the base this weekend (drill) – Could someone who is going let me borrow the notes they that take???

  3. Caitlin :

    Yay Cortez!

  4. CueBall :

    Any possibility that we could record this lecture to share for those of us that are working?

  5. Thazza good dawg…

  6. CueBall :

    Has anyone else seen the previews for the show “The Wild Within”???? Looks like Paleo has hit the mainstream on Travel Channel!

  7. Cherie :

    Cortex wants you to attend the Nutrition lecture.
    We don’t video tape them, however we will be holding some mid week so be on a look out for those times etc..

  8. Stacey E :

    I’ll take notes as well for any that want a copy of my chicken scratch 🙂

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