Wednesday 110202

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
400 m run
5 Deadlifts

Post loads and time to comments.
Luke didn't let a snowstorm or frigid temperatures keep him from "Nancy" Monday.

CrossFit Verve is proud to introduce dedicated Olympic Lifting classes!

Because you need it. Because its good for you. Because I love teaching it. Because if you're a woman I don't want you to develop osteoporosis. Because I want you to improve in all ten of the CrossFit modalities. Because you shouldn't have to always fear or worry aboutlifting weights over your head. Because it's fun. Because you'll be stronger. Because if you Olympic lift then you can brag to your friends who don't about how you do the Olympic lifts. Because I want you to make me prove to you the benefits.

This is my personal invitation to try the new Olympic lifting classes at CrossFit Verve.  Stay tuned for details….

Classes begin next week.  Trainer extraordinaire Luke Palmisano, people.  Monday, February 7th and Thursday, February 10th both at 630pm.  Please sign up on MindBody. See you there!


  1. James :

    Because your snatch should include dropping under the bar thusly.

  2. Fonger :

    Love it, love it, love it. Excited to hit those up.

  3. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Pushed it during the run and did well.
    4 rds and 200M run @ 235# (max 305#)

  4. Courtney :

    5 rds even, wasn’t sure what weight, used 135# and made sure to do all unbroken. Had to do at work with a treadmill for the run. Felt pretty good.

  5. tiff :

    i have a friend wanting to get rid of his weight bench and hex weight set…dumbbells like at the gym 10lb-30lb $75
    if you’re interested, shoot me an email and i’ll let him know.

  6. Greg B :

    Holy Crap so sorry to anyone that signed up for a nooner. I got caught running around and getting then changing the batteries on both my neighbors cars. I lost track of time and suck! Please find it in your heart to forgive me.
    Thanx, the smart ass that finishes last more often than he would like to.

  7. 195# DL, suicides while teammate was rowing for duration of DL/suicides. 3 rounds.
    My bum was feeling it from the previous 2 days. It’s kind of refreshing to have my butt/legs sore rather than my shoulders/traps.

  8. Nat :

    345 DL/ 4 laps.
    Thanks to a one Sara Weisbart, got a good push through the entire WOD.

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