Wednesday 110209

Six rounds for time of:

40m Overhead carry, 115# (75#)
12 Push press, 115# (75#)
12 Box jumps, 24" (20")
9 Sumo deadlift high-pull, 115#(75#)

Post time to comments.

Zen Ben and Angry Josh!

Thoughts on the nutrition challenge; by Robyn

It's week two of the “Best Shape of Your Life” challenge, I'm feeling great and getting a system down for food prep. What has been the best part about the challenge so far, is the amount of extra money in my bank account.  Not eating out and not going out drinking saves a ton of cash. It was really nice to see the extra money at the end of January. Yeah more money to put in savings for: tattoo work, a house, or maybe a well deserved trip? Who knows by the end of these nine weeks, there may be a lot more saved. In the beginning of the challenge, I was thinking that the money would just be spent differently. Maybe on vegetables, but it has been great to see the food budget stay about the same. I believe we are wasting less, throwing less in the trash because I have to cook so many veggies now. Always looking for new recipes and tweaking others to fit my blocks.

Now week three into the challenge and still feeling great.  My energy is good, clothes fitting loose (frankly sometimes my pants make me look like I’ve pooped myself, guess it’s time to shop for a new pair). I’ve made it through two snow days (where I used to sit by the fire drinking wine or hot toddies), two baby showers, a birthday party, the super bowl, and a couple other gatherings, with NO cheats, only had to have a couple of strict Paleo meals (not zoned), costing me a point or two.

What will happen in the next six weeks? Can’t wait to find out! Keep up the good work to all who signed up for this nine week challenge, stick to it!  There is still plenty of time to rack up those points and feel good!


  1. Slaughter :

    Seeing Robyn makes me happy.
    This one looks good 🙂

  2. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Slaughter, this one is a good one! The PP right after the 40M OH walk is a doozy! Still need to continue building strength in my OH mvmts.
    17:01 w/ 75#
    accy work 3×15 Rev Hyper 50# & Parallel GHD SitUps

  3. Dawn Miracle :

    Nice work Robyn!

  4. Matt :

    Nice job Jeff!

  5. Joylyn :

    Yay Robyn! You are really looking great….and looking like you are FEELING great–which makes me happy too. Thanks for the quick recap!

  6. Cherie :

    Wow that was a doozy
    16:14 Rx

  7. Sarah Lev :

    Dear Robyn,
    I have NO CLUE how you have done that. Kudos!

  8. amanda k :

    Wicked Robyn! Although, I’m still waiting for your delicious paleo pizza recipe! It was sooo good!

  9. Great job Robyn!
    Uh, regarding today’s workout (after yesterday’s workout). Ouch. My traps are TUH-rashed. It’s great!

  10. Nat :

    Ladies, you kicked all the boys asses in today’s WOD… Well done.
    18:00 min. Rx.
    Still curving the back on my SDHP- work in progress. Nonetheless, gotta love WODS that play one’s strengths.

  11. David S :

    16:10 #75. Should have done #85 or #90.

  12. Erin :

    Awesome, Robyn! You have an iron will- you’re a stronger woman than I!

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