Wednesday 110216

Tabata weighted pull-ups, 30#/15# dumbell
Rest 1:00 minute
Tabata weighted squats, 45#/25# plate 
Rest 1:00 minute
Tabata weighted ring dips, 30#/15# dumbell
Rest 1:00 minute
Tabata deadlift, 165#/115# 

The Tabata interval is :20 seconds of work followed by :10 seconds rest for a total of 8 intervals for each exercise.  Your Tabata score is the lowest number of completed reps in any of the eight intervals.

Post Tabata score for each exercise and a total to comments.
Emmalee doing freestanding HSPU's during "Diane"

Who are we?

We’re people with aspirations and goals just like you. We dread the thought of not being able to do something because of physical limitations. We’re skiers, climbers, firefighters, students, mountain bikers, trail runners, swimmers, blah, blah, blah. What’s more important is what we have in common with you.

We chose CrossFit because we sought the same fitness level that you seek now. It started as an interest in being able to reach our goals as they relate to sport, but have since far outreached those boundaries. Now we seek to improve every aspect of our daily lives through fitness. To be able to perform our jobs better, to be surrounded by people who will celebrate our first pull up, to have a place to go to blow off a little steam, to try things that most adults would consider childish (which we consider cool).

You see, CrossFit has added value to our lives and we want you to be a part of that. Everything about CrossFit is challenging – driving to the gym and ignoring those butterflies in your stomach, willing yourself to take your intensity to new levels, finishing the filthy fifty as prescribed, and trying not to spend all day checking to see if tomorrow’s WOD has been posted yet. What makes it so fun is the fact that you are challenging yourself, along with every other person at CrossFit Verve. You can share that pain with each other and somehow it becomes a success story – everyday.


  1. Dan Y :


  2. JY :

    With X-fit, I practice finding my boundaries and work with and through them. This strength continues to carry in my daily challenges/choices and creates an unstoppable Jared.

  3. Cherie :

    Unstoppable Jared, sounds like a t’shirt 🙂

  4. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Emm… BAD ASS!!!!
    Whoever wrote that… AWESOME!!!
    Today’s WOD… “Tight ass makes everything better!” – Thought implanted from Cherie
    PUs-3(PB) / Squat-8(45#) / RDips-5(RB) / DL-3(165#) lumber toast after yesterday and today

  5. Leslie :

    Love it!!
    I had a personal best by passing 2 people during the run the other day. This is amazing to me because I consider myself the slowest runner around and my goal for any run is just to take it super slow and but never stop. Crossfit has allowed me to do things (handstand pushups and box jumps) that 4 months ago I would have thought scary and impossible for me. Every class I push myself harder than I have in years and the improvement comes naturally- albeit with a bit of soreness.
    Love it!

  6. Brad K :

    did anybody by chance take home a pair of northface winter boots on saturday or sunday by accident. I left them at the gym and were not there on monday.

  7. Beck :

    super cool Emm! Is it ok if I pretend that’s a picture of me?
    verve mtn bikers…. there’s an awesome event coming up in May (6-7) called the 18 hours of Fruita. you and team ride bikes (relay-style) for 18 hours. teams range from solo to 6-8 person. laps are 6 miles and go quick, a perfect challenge for crossfitters –

  8. Keith :

    Nicely done summation of so much.
    I arrived early this morning and watched the 0600 group fight the Tabata. Every one of them was hurting and trying to
    hold their number. Grunts and sweat.
    I felt so damn intimidated because I’d be be their position in the next hour. Damn.
    But I reminded myself that the intensity that I put out doing what I could (thanks Zac for the scaling!) would approximate what everyone else was doing closer to Rx.
    I worked hard.
    I also realized that 5 weeks ago even lifting a bar with no weight seemed insurmountable. So my body IS changing. And now I get to deal with quieting my mind that says “you can’t” and replacing it with “you do”.
    Cross fit isn’t an end, it’s a journey.

  9. Sarah Lev :

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that last line Keith….Crossfit is not an end, it is a journey….it is so true and I am so thankful I am able to take this journey with all of you at Verve. 🙂

  10. Ali Nichols :

    Crossfit Verve is my daily dose of happieness!! Love this post:)

  11. Greg B :

    Brad I snagged them I have the same ones then got home and realized they were like 3 sizes too small. Brought them back today they are back on the Lost shelf. Sorry for the inconvenience, I blame myself.

  12. Matt :

    I think I ended up with 26 reps on this one:
    3/10/5/8 as rx’d. Yikes!

  13. Nat :

    2/10/2/8 as rx’d. Ummmm, my triceps are as strong as toddlers.

  14. Annie :

    Props to the 6 AM folks that didn’t have a board to look at. I felt like a cheater looking at everyone’s time. Good work!

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