Wednesday 110413

CrossFit Games Open 11.4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
60 Bar-facing burpees
30 Overhead squat, 120# (90#)
10 Muscle-ups

Muscle-ups must have a full turn out with a locked out elbow to start the movement. Both feet must jump together and land together for the burpee to count.  Must open the hip all the way at the top of the overhead squat.

Post score to comments.

Dang, Verve has another happy rower in Chris…

When will it ever be enough? 

Hopefully never.  I think as CrossFitters we all have some general common traits.  Work ethic, and drive are just two.  A healthy desire to be better, strive harder, never lose the elation of accomplishment.  We never think we did good enough.  Can we continue to use those traits for good and not evil?

You see each day we talk with athletes who want to be better.  Being better is a great tool to self achievement but it can also be a detriment.  We did Fran Monday, I saw some amazing PR's.  When I commented to athletes today how awesome that was, not one was content with their improvement.  "Thanks next time I'll get it Rx'd" or " Aw, I'll be sub 8 next time" or "Sub 5 would be better".  

Well I'm here to tell you that when you Rx Fran, beat sub 8 or beat sub 5, the prize won't be had.  There is no pot of amazing athlete gold at the end of a sub 5 Fran.  Instead, you find more desires, skills and weights to be conquered.  With stronger and more competent athletes beside you.  Once we achieve a goal our mind quickly forgets and jumps to the next thing we can't do yet.  I'm here to say take a break from the expectations.  As you enter into today's WOD, stop a minute at look at where you've been, how far you've come and what direction your headed.  Be proud of your fitness.  Understand that it is a journey with new milestones scattered randomly along the way, that you have already conquered.  Know that you will conquer more feats of human strength and amazement as the days, months and years tick on.

Just for today be happy with where you are.  Don't expect it all, today is the culmination of yesterdays. What you do today is who you will be tomorrow.  And when that day comes that you have what you wanted yesterday, you will still want even more.  So breath easy, celebrate yourself.  It's going to be a fun ride.

Nutrition results to be posted, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!


  1. Craig :

    Hello CF Verve! My name is Craig and I crossfit at Pardiso CF in Marina Del Rey, CA. I was watching Cherie Chan kick some serious ass on today’s wod demo and was wondering if anyone knew what type of wrist wraps she uses. I have been looking for an alternative to tape but most wrist wraps are too bulky to do false grip MUs. They just seem to get in the way. Cherie’s looked thin like tape.
    Hope the weather in Denver is treating you all well! 3, 2, 1 Go!

  2. Dan W :

    Awesome post! “There is no pot of amazing athlete gold at the end of a sub 5 Fran”. Love it! It’s funny to me how easy it is to see, appreciate and congratulate the accomplishments of our friends, but we all need to be reminded to appreciate our own accomplishments. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Rich :

    I would like to accomplish A round today!

  4. Rich :

    OH CRAP! Completely forgot I had yesterday scheduled at 5:30 – Hopefully nobody missed out on the WOD due to my lack of attention… I apologize for missing that one!

  5. cherie :

    Hi Craig –
    I hate to disappoint, but I was wearing black tape on my wrists. I haven’t found any wrist wraps that I can use for muscles ups either.
    Go kill it!

  6. Craig :

    Ahh! Fooled me! Well thanks for the response Cherie. Nice job on that wod. I think I will be putting the bar down too. hahaha

  7. em :
  8. Keith :

    Man-o-man did I need this post after today.
    Four shy of 60 burpees I was pretty pissed..I mean look at everyone else here. Many were into their muscle ups at ten minutes.
    But…and this is what keeps me going to Verve… I’m not in a contest. I’m not doing this to show anyone how ‘good’ I am. I am here for me. Every WOD is a painful, sweaty, short of breath gift to myself.
    Since I started in January I’ve done 38 WODs. I reminded myself this morning of what I can now do that before was impossible. It is like making my clock run backwards.
    I have many milestones to reach. I feel lucky that for me each WOD is its own accomplishment, a step and a goal at the same time.
    I’m here for the long haul.
    Thanks to all.

  9. lynn :

    A very encouraging post…well paired with this WOD!

  10. Sarah Lev :

    I am getting 1 muscle up on this thing if it kills me!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO CLOSE!!!!

  11. Rebecca C :

    Hey CFVerve! You guys always have some good, thought-provoking posts. Today’s was no exception. I am a distant fan from the Bayou City Crossfit affiliate and totally appreciate your continued enthusiasm and information you put on your site. High five to Cherie on Wod 11.4! …and what’s with all of the happy rowers there?!? Must be the altitude 😉

  12. Hello from Alabama,
    I own Trinity CrossFit in Pelham. I always look to your site for new WODS and inspiration. This post is just the pep talk my athletes need after the #4# competition this weekend. Most went with no expectations of winning but went to have fun. Some of them came back feeling that they weren’t as far along as they need to be. WHO IS? Thanks again for giving me lots of good stuff for my members and my own training.

  13. Stef :

    Sometimes a happy row’r, could it be the result of a funny photographer? All I know is, you have to find the median while rowing a 2k 🙂

  14. Amanda K. :

    I am one lucky girl to workout at Verve!

  15. bill :

    @mark smith i just moved here from crossfit Mobile! @Cherie you looked like a bad a$$ on the mainsite, loved how all the camera angles managed to include your bright brand new pair of reeboks!

  16. Chris K. :

    (variant on A League of Their Own) “There is no smiling in rowing! There is no smiling in rowing!

  17. David S :

    95 RX

  18. Tobias Coffin :

    73 Rx

  19. 71 Rx.

  20. scott andrews :

    Thank you for the throwing the FOOD LIFE PRESERVER today Cherie. We are still going to come up and buy you out of t-shirts next week. I owe you both big time. WILL WORK FOR KNOWLEDGE.

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