Wednesday 110511

Push press 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 reps

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These people love being your trainers.

Push Press 5×3 Reps… the Hardest Part

You've taken the load out of the rack, taken a couple of steps back, dipped, drove, and pressed the load over head to a stabile lockout overhead.  Well, you've got two more reps to complete and your now faced with a bit of a challenge – re-racking the bar on the shoulders with a heavy load.

Yup, you aren't the only one that fears this part of a five by three.  Re-racking a heavily loaded bar onto the front rack is a difficult pill to swallow.  So what's the trick to completing this part of the lift while minimizing the pain factor?  Here's a couple of tips that might help you enjoy today's workout a bit more.

First, practice with a PVC pipe or an unloaded barbell.  Push press the bar to a locked out position overhead.  With straight legs and hips, push your elbows forward and tuck your chin back.  As the load approaches the shoulders (or the front rack), begin to dip your knees forward and your butt back.  The key here is allowing the bar to land on your shoulders with your elbows high (think: front squat) and NOT on your chest. 

Now, as you warm up, continue to practice re-racking the bar no matter how light the weight may feel.  Practice make perfect.  Don't be the athlete that leans back and allows the bar to strike the chest with your elbows straight back.  This won't feel good on the wrists or the chest, and will certainly make the set-up for the next rep troublesome. Enjoy the heavy day!


  1. Tiffany :

    and i love these people being my trainers!! =)
    if you would like to make your wed night AWESOME, come watch my improv show tonight, 7:30, at Bovine Metropolis Theater (15th and Champa)!!! costs less than a movie!!/event.php?eid=208345072519067

  2. Joei mcintire :

    and we LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these people being our trainers. You are all beyond lovable. Not just ironic that EVERYONE wants to join our gym-it’s definitely you guys!!! Love you!

  3. Rich :

    For those registered for the Tough Mudder and those still contemplating! Here are the Words of Wisdom….

  4. Sheila :

    Love these trainers too! Miss you guys, can’t wait to see you again after this baby is out of my belly!

  5. bill :

    I like heavy wods like this where you can drink your water and trash talk between sets and hangout (like normal gyms) but that usually means you guys have something else planned that’s really crappy and steals all my breath, but you don’t post that so I can’t mentally prepare/dread it all day. Thanks for the bad surprises. And while im whinning, if you come in one day and someone has broken in over night and the only thing stolen is those 5gallon bucket lids, it was me.

  6. Greg B :

    Without a doubt the best trainers on the big ball of dirt we walk on!!!

  7. gerson m :

    I heart ALL my verve trainers!

  8. Joshua Grimm :

    I love my trainers

  9. Kiley :

    I love all my trainers!!!

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