Wednesday 110608

Five rounds for time:

10 Power snatches, 115#/75#
20 Double unders

Post time to comments. 

Lara doing a little deload bench work… next wave starts after regionals.

Recently, I read a write-up about one of Mikko Salo's workouts during his championship push at the CrossFit Games in Aromas, CA.  The entry was written by Chuck Carswell, CrossFit HQ Trainer and resident badass.  In it Chuck refers to trip that many CrossFitters take where they leave the pain and suffering behind and focus on the task at hand. 

Reading this sent shivers up my spine, as this feeling is one that only those who have gone on this trip can describe or relate to.  It takes a while to get to this place, as it requires consistantly accurate mechanics and technique, as well as a grasp on the concept of pacing.  This is the journey of intensity. 

From time to time when a WOD is posted, fear overcomes you.  Not because it looks incredibly difficult ("Badger") or involved a movement or a load that is difficult for you.  Rather, the WOD is right up your alley – you can kill this one.  You're comfortable with the movements, the load, and the reps… it's begging you to throw everything you've got at it.  You await the words "3-2-1 GO!" and begin your journey.  At first it takes a second to get settled into the moment, but once you're there it's on. 

Chuck described this trip as "the one to the dark, cold but liberating place where ANYTHING other than the task at hand just doesn't matter."  Celebrate this moment and cherish it – you've made it!


  1. Awesome post, motivating to find that place!

  2. Bess :

    5:30 am and I do not really get along, which is a shame because it is necessary. This morning we had a fight and I won. I am sorry…I will try my best to not let it happen again…

  3. Leslie :
  4. Greg :

    I get in that zone when a Great meal is set before me. 🙂

  5. Dustin :

    12:52RX, Double unders killed my time. Fun WOD though!

  6. bill :

    Good wod, double unders still suck, but used the hook grip the whole workout for the first time, but still not sold on it. Your grip strength isn’t any higher it just keeps your grip from fatiguing so fast right? Like if you had 100 power cleans at 65lbs you would use it, but if you had 20 power cleans at 225 nobody would use it.

  7. David S :

    8:35 RX

  8. Flip :

    7:07 (95# snatch)

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