Wednesday 110810

In 3:00 minutes, complete as many reps as possible of:

Row 20 calories, damper 5
30 Wall ball shots, 20#/14#
20 Toes-to-bar
30 Box jumps, 24"/20"
20 Sumo deadlift high pull, 105#/70#
30 Burpees
20 Push press, 135#/95#
100' Sled pull, 180#/120#

Rest 1:00, then complete as many reps as possible of the same chipper in 6:00

Post reps for both intervals to comments.

Pool sharks of a different variety, this last Saturday…..

So your CrossFit season has ended, now what do you do?  Do you sit around and add a little bit of chub?  Or, do you start your plan of attack for next year’s CrossFit season.  Let’s figure this our together shall we. 

1.  Sit down with a logbook and write down your goals for next year.  
–Qualify for regionals
–First muscle-up
–Bodyweight clean and jerk
–increased mobility
–eat strict paleo or zone for 90 days
–Qualify for the World Games

The only way you will commit to your goals is to have them written down to remind your self of what you are striving for, and consistently review/re-evaluate them. 

2.  Plan our your workout schedule. Is 3 days on, 1 day off working?  Do you need to vary some of your scheduling?  Daily WOD’s and specialty WOD’s such as Dogs and Cakes or Endurance will take you to those other pathways of CrossFit.   

3.  Reevaluate your nutrition.  As the season gets closer, maybe get more strict with your blocks and reduce the amounts of cheat meals that you indulge in.  Verve's next Nutrition Workshop will be Wednesday, August 24th @ 730pm, come join us!  

Take a look inside yourself……what goals do you have for yourself before the end of the year?


  1. bill :

    Uh oh, spammers

  2. Mas :

    Thanks Bill. Little bastards!

  3. Matt :

    I can tell you guys, first hand, this WOD is going to be ***good***. I really love how you get dragged back through the row, wall balls, and toes to bar through each of the rounds. Balls to the wall!!!
    Have fun! Aloha.

  4. Matt :

    Btw, rad pic of high elbows. Well done summa swimmas! That last swim WOD was a doosie

  5. Jordan :

    To Matt and all of the other competitors who competed in the last day of the games… Wow. I after attempting 2/3 (the easier 2/3 i might add) of the final workout I have a whole new appreciation for how much I can improve and what “fitness” truly is!!
    On the other hand I got my first toes to bars today!

  6. Dustin :

    I would punch the someone in the face if we had to run through the whole gauntlet at the end!! That was a pretty rad WOD I must admit.
    Great job on those toes to bar Jordan, you will be amazed how fast you start getting everything now.
    69/93rx, completely crushed myself on the first round and was spinning on the 2nd.

  7. David S :

    64 + 101 RX

  8. Brad :

    63 + 100 – Subbed GHD Sit Ups for T2B. Been following from Florida since I got back.

  9. Dan Y. :


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