Wednesday 110831

5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5

Shoulder Press

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Bob looking strong and putting the time in to achieve a good front rack position regardless of the pain.

Last year, the inaugural USAWL/CrosFit Open was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, home of the Olympic Training Center.  This was an event that seemed a natural fit. Mike Burgener, one of the elite Olympic Weight Lifting coaches in the nation, has stated in the past that Crossfit has done more for the sport of Olympic Lifting, than lifting has done for Crossfit. 

Indeed, many people are exposed to the Olympic Lifts for the first time by joining a Crossfit Gym.  The 2010 Open was a culmination of this connection, and it attracted the attention of athletes from across the nation, including some from Crossfit Verve!  This year, the event is renewed in what promises to be an annual showcasing of the blending of two different sports.  If you're interested in participating, then please take note of two items:

1.) The Open will be a weekend in late October
2.) The olympic lifting program at Crossfit Verve will be beginning a cycle to ramp up athletes interested in participating to prepare them for this event.  Stay tuned for more details.


  1. Slaughter :

    I’m game!

  2. dane :

    Can we attend the o lifting classes even if we don’t compete?

  3. Ali :

    Yes! I have been dreaming of the day I can wear a singlet! Beth already called dibs on the deep V singlet. Sounds fun:)

  4. Matt :

    You ABSOLUTELY can attend the Oly WL classes Dane! Same with HD&CC.
    FYI, a singlet is not required to compete. It is required if you’d like your Total to count towards your USAW records.

  5. Andy :

    Can we not compete and wear a singlet?

  6. luke :

    Andy – I think the singlets should replace knee-high socks as the new Crossfit style. Singlets with mustaches.

  7. Jim Duwve :

    I keep failing on the 5th rep at 135. This time I increased all of my weights on the way up by 5 pounds. Maybe if I had a singlet?

  8. Matt :

    145/155/160/150/135 all w/ 40# of chain

  9. sean :

    The shoulder press is a lost art sadly, 135/145/150/155/135 no chains

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