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Split Jerk

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Today I am a proud coach - 

Today I am a proud coach.  I've spent the last month in the walls of Verve much more frequently then usual. I took the month of September off from travel, with no far away certification course to teach.  While this was refreshing it was also enlightening.  First of all, I love this gym, the people and the community.  What I have seen while I have been "home" more often is, an amazing attention to detail, care and pride from our Verve athletes and trainers.

As my eyes scan a packed class I see better squatters, stronger deadlifters and indestructible pressers.  I shout to get in the heels and I see three athletes drive their feet into the ground.  I squeal ribs down and four athletes struggle to achieve that mid-line stability.   There is less complaining and more teamwork.  I am proud to see a community of doers.  A group of people striving too and willing to get better every single day.  I see people coming in on the days that are their goats, digging in and taking steps forward in improvement. I see logging and mobility.  I see improbable friends, laughter and a sense that we are all a part of something bigger then ourselves.

Verve people, thank you for caring about your back position, thank you for always looking around to help people put their equipment away, thank you for including all those around you in your conversations, thank you for striving to be better and thank you for letting us be a part of it all.

Watch out world , we are a force to be reckoned with! 


  1. Erin :

    I am a proud Verver. My friends were just grilling me about why I am so in love with my “gym,” as though that is all it is, pfft. It’s hard to give a short answer because there are a million reasons to love it. Every single trainer cares about every single person and every single movement we make. I usually find myself sucking wind at the end WODs, but there is always someone who has finished cheering me on. Verve is full of amazing people, and I am humbled and grateful to be around you all.

  2. James (O.G.) :

    You’re welcome. However, I note that we as a community are who we are because of who our leaders are. We’re kind of like children, who adopt the behavior of our parents. Verve people strive to be better because of the examples our trainers set for us every day.

  3. JJ :

    Wow, great post Cherie. It’s been such a blast having you “back” more in more ways than words can say here.
    Mas, Amélie and I have been so blessed by the outpouring of love and support from our Verve community of athletes and trainers this last month–much love to each and everyone of you.

  4. Cherie :

    james please quickly check your pulse.

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