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Resting 60 seconds between sets: 
Press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

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Maria (the new Mrs.) showing some great form on her overhead walking lunges.

How do I fit it all in; workouts, rest days, playtime and nutrition?
We have had some inquiries as to the best way to "schedule" rest days.  Most of us have a ton of things on our plates, it is best to plan ahead.  Take out a blank calendar and fill in a few pieces of information, first your days off from work (the most important, right?!?).  Next, your work schedule including hours.  Now ask yourself a few questions, do you participate in a sport or other activity that needs to be included?  Even if it is wanting to ski/board on Saturdays, write that on the calendar with expected times.  Now you have a good idea of what times you have available for workout, rest days and meal planning.
Is there a day in there that you know you can fill in rest days?  Rest days being NO physical activity.  For example; if you work M-F and ski/board S&S, then you need to plan a rest day during the week.  An example could be; workout Monday and Tuesday, rest Wednesday, workout Thursday and Friday, ski/board Saturday and Sunday.  If that is too much, see if you can squeeze in a WOD during the weekend and take Friday as a rest day too.
Okay you have everything on the calendar now except two very important things, workouts and meal prep.  First, how many days are you able to workout?  Say it's three, plug in those three days, trying to add them in during work days first, to keep your off days as relaxing and "FUN" as possible.  
Now choose a day of the week to prep some food.  It will only take a few hours and can make your whole week run so much smoother.  Use this two hours to grill meat, cut veggies, or make a few meals that will be ready when you don't have time to cook.  
This will take less then an hour to plan out the whole month.  Bonus, you've included your "FUN DAYS".  Hate this much routine?  Leave some days blank to feed your impulsive side.  Either way, this will help you stay on track with not only your workouts, rest day, and meal planning, but also those fun sports we love to do in Colorado.



  1. bill :

    Way too much planning, is the wod strict press,push press, bench press…..

  2. Matt :

    Shoulder press billy.

  3. Jeremy :

    145# 2-rep press PR.

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