Wednesday 120104

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Power clean, 135#/95#
GHD sit-up

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Welcome home, Francis! 

The Sliding Scale

We get the question “What about _______?” all the time.  You can fill in any random food name in the blank and I guarantee we’ve been asked the question.  Whether its coffee, green tea, beef jerky, agave nectar, diet soda, or whey protein – we’ve always answered this question with a question: well, how’s your diet aside from ________?

You see, too often people are worried about the silly details before they address the big picture items that affect their diet waaaay more than ________.  For instance, did you have breakfast today?  How many meals did you have yesterday?  Did you eat all three macronutrients at each meal?  Shit… do you know what a macronutrient is?!?  The simple things are what make or break your diet.

Of course, we give in and answer the question “What about ________?”.  Usually we’ll preface any answer we offer with “What about _________?”  Afterwards, we describe the concept of the sliding scale.  I’ll use the example of diet soda.  When we’re asked if drinking diet soda is a good idea, we’ll offer the idea that on a sliding scale of a perfect diet to a lousy diet, a diet soda might fit somewhere near the middle-to-bottom (closer to lousy).  But, if the individual currently drinks 4 liters of Mountain Dew (not diet) a day, we would say that on the sliding scale… it’s a step in the right direction.  

Now, if a finely tuned paleo/zoner asked the same question, we’d mention that on the sliding scale this would be a lot worse than drinking water, black coffee, tea, or flavored water (lime in a glass). Catch my drift?  Will a diet soda give a paleo/zoner diabetes and land him/her in a nursing home?  Probably not… but, it’s a place to improve the diet, health and performance.

So start with and refine the basics, from there we can work on the what about_______?’s


  1. Dick D :

    Really like the sliding scale perspective. My wife started “drinking the koolaid” about a month ago and has felt the difference already by adhering to paleo/zone with the occasional cheat meal or even day (not to mention getting consistent WODs in). I tried to explain that a little cheat here and there isn’t a bad thing and can even be a good thing. Hearing it from you guys and your perspective will definitely help…so, thank you. Great website.

  2. Slaughter :

    This is awesome (not). The American government sucks sometimes

  3. Gregg :

    Paleo Mountain Dew!!!!

  4. Cherie :

    Blood work sign up sheets are at the gym! Bob I put you down for the 11th at 6:30am.

  5. David S :

    6:14 #20 Ball

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