Wednesday 120201

For time: 

Three rounds
12 Back squat 225# (155#), 50% of 1RM
24 Push-ups with hand release
36 Double unders

Post time to comments.

We all love a happy hot dog!

 Just a reminder: Today start a new schedule!  We’ve added a class every Monday – Thursday.  Times are now 4, 5, 6, and 7pm.  We hope this helps some of the wait-list blues in the pm classes.  

More exciting news, we had an overwhelming amount of people ask us to go back to the “old style”  Verve programing in our 2011 annual survey.  Today marks the first day that we are back on track and programing all the WOD’s for the gym. We will also be introducing weekly skill focuses to be added into all classes.  Your trainers will fill you in on the current day/weeks focus.  These focuses will rotate and work to give us all more time to get better at difficult positions and movements. Time to get ready for some fun!

“Most of us would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.”  -Rainer Martens

So I have a confession to make…”I wanna be good at everything.” And when I’m not, then I get frustrated, and sometimes, every once in a while, that frustration comes out in the open.  I think it’s CrossFit’s fault really, I mean that’s what we teach about building a capacity across a wide variety of areas so that we’ll be ready for anything that life throws at us.  But lately I’ve caught myself getting a little defensive when being coached, of course I am a bit of a perfectionist, it’s always been a fault of mine.  It nearly always happens when it’s a movement or exercise I’m definitely not good at.  So I get a little frustrated at myself for not doing as well as I know I can or want to.  It happens to all of us, even as trainers, because we know the “how” of it, but sometimes can’t apply it in the moment.  

But in the end, it comes down to being coach-able, and reinforcing good movement every day.  So taking a moment to listen and let the feedback sink in, and then hopefully put it into play.  Patience is a virtue and there will always be something to work on, so we have to be willing to leave our ego at the door and laugh at ourselves when we are here.  Some days we got it, some days we don’t.  But every day we have a choice on how to respond.    

I have difficulty being coached on squatting, I know my knees go in so please quit telling me, I’m trying to fix it can’t you tell?  That’s what I think in my head anyways.  What do you have difficulty being coached on?  


  1. Erin :

    I am the world’s least coachable person on my pushups. I suck, I know I suck. You know I suck. Every. single. person at Verve knows I suck. I just wish you guys would stop programming them so I don’t have to practice pushups in my bedroom and STILL suck. I am grateful that you guys haven’t thrown up your hands and said, “Screw it, she’ll never do them right. Just let her snake around like a goob.” Thank you for telling me for the 4,754th time to tuck my chin, squeeze my butt and keep my elbows in. One day I will get them, I promise.

  2. Sonja :

    Yea for the new programming! I didn’t actually request that in the survey, but now that I hear about it, I think it’s a really good idea. I always liked the “rest day” wods.

    I feel your pain, Erin. Push-ups are the devil’s exercise.

  3. I have difficulty being coached on gymnastics/body movement stuff where paralyzation is a possibility should I fall. I’m way better than I used to be but there are certain things this body just wasn’t built to do. Or do well.

    OH and doubleunders. I’m great at the mid-air full body seizure SANS rope. but add a rope in and brain. cannot. compute. That’s why Matt just takes the rope and puts me in full body seize time out. I’m so bad I don’t even deserve to touch the jump rope.

  4. Gabriel :

    I’m a newbie here. What is the “old style” Verve programming? What does that entail?

  5. Greg B :

    I have just registered for, “THE OPEN” there is no turning back now. my goal is to finish the WODs as thrown at me and do the best I can to not embarass Verve. Get after it and ignore the sceptics.

    And for the record Erin and Potsie there are things that I too am not good at but I will not let them beat me EVER!

  6. Jeremy :

    8:42 Rx’d at station 63.

  7. Jeremy :

    I lied; 135# back squats to equal 50% of my 1 rep max.

  8. David S :

    11:06 RX

  9. rob b :

    I don’t have trouble being coached on anything. Though that doesn’t mean i always implement it well… And, if my voice indicates otherwise after receiving pointer(s), please realize that’s frustration with making you tell me again, not with you doing so.
    The coaches and consistent eye on our technique is a really strong asset for Verve. Thanks gang!

  10. Keith :

    I don’t have any trouble being coached, per se.
    But I do worry about Zac sometimes. If there is a diagnosis of repetitive voice injury I’m sure he’s a cadidate for contracting it; I bet he’s said ,”Lower, Keith” during my squats at least ten thousand times in this past year. Truthfully I’m going lower just to give the guy a break. ;>}

    (love ya Zac)

  11. YAY Greg!!!!!!!!

  12. Gabriel :

    I’m absorbing it slowly but surely. I don’t like having to be coached, but like Rob said: I’m just frustrated with myself for not having the proper form, not for being told I’m doin’ it wrong! It’s sinking in though. “Elbows in! Squeeze those ass cheeks (courtesy of Courtney)! Lower! Push those knees out!”

    You’ll make a respectable athlete of me yet.

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